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HR for Small Business For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

Human resource management (HR) is about building a healthy and productive working environment in which everyone prospers. Unique to small business is the personal relationships that develop between the [more…]

Hiring Staff for Your Small Business: Australian Employment Regulations

The single most important task that you must absolutely get right when hiring staff for your small business is to ensure that the employment arrangements are compliant with Australian employment regulations [more…]

What to Include During New Staff Orientation at Your Small Business

If you want to get the employment relationship off to a good start, then there’s no substitute for a thorough and well-organised orientation. Just like any other relationship, the initial period is critical [more…]

How to be a Good Non-Discriminating Small-Business Employer

Everyone seems to be claiming discrimination, harassment and bullying at work these days. The phrase bullying is frequently used to describe behaviour that intimidates, humiliates or otherwise injures [more…]

Addressing a Duty of Safety in Your Small Business

There are a lot of rules to tell us what we can and can’t do at work to ensure, as far as practicable, that we’re kept from harm. The responsibility for safety is a shared one, but in reality it’s a duty [more…]

Complying with Fair Dismissal Requirements in Your Australian Small Business

Just like any relationship, employment relationships will eventually end. Some end amicably, others not so well. You want to make sure the departure of staff doesn’t cost your small business more than [more…]

10 Useful HR Websites for Your Australian Small Business

You can find out all sorts of great stuff on how to manage your staff from the day you employ them to the day you say goodbye. However, you must be the most informed and the most advised. [more…]

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