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A Quick Checklist for Dealing with Procrastination

Even the most efficient people sometimes get stuck or keep putting something off. If you’re hit with a bad case of procrastination, ask yourself these questions to get you moving again: [more…]

Ten Ways for Managers to Motivate Employees

Employees may not need a pay raise as much as they do personal thanks from their manager for a job well done. Show your workers that you support them, and encourage better performance by motivating them [more…]

Supporting Yourself with Daily Affirmations for Managers

No one ever said that being a manager is easy. And if someone ever did say that, obviously he’s never been the boss. You can make your job as a manager easier by supporting yourself with the following [more…]

Differences between Employees and Contractors in a Business Setting

Your business may offer contracts to independent contractors — people who do work for your company but who don’t work for your company in the sense of being an employee. Independent contractors differ [more…]

Ten Ways to Listen Well as Part of Communicating Effectively

Communicating effectively involves not only speaking well, but listening well, too. Active-listening tools, such as those in the following list, help you hold up your end of a successful conversation or [more…]

How to Communicate Effectively to an Audience

When you speak to a crowd, communicating effectively means that your delivery is positive and confident so that your message comes across effectively. Use the tips in the following list to convey your [more…]

How to Build Strong Working Relationships with Effective Communication

Effective communication strategies can help you build strong working relationships with clients and customers, team members, managers, and internal customers. Use the tips in the following list: [more…]

Pitfalls to Avoid in Workplace Communications

Effective communications includes choosing the proper method to communicate, the right time, and the relevant message. The pitfalls in the following list are ones to avoid: [more…]

For Managers: Coaching Customer Service

To keep a high-level of commitment to great customer service, your staff needs constant support. Use these lessons as manager when you hold a staff meeting to get started: [more…]

Plan to Take Motivating Action

Planning to take positive action helps you to overcome barriers and keeps you moving forward. Here are some general tips to help you with your planning. [more…]

Visualising the Benefits of Motivation

Visualisation is about making use of all your senses: what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. Visualising a situation heightens your motivation and allows your mind and body to experience [more…]

Ten Motivating Tips

Achieving things can be hard when you feel demotivated. Help yourself to get motivated and stay motivated by always keeping these ten quick and easy tips in mind: [more…]

Consider Your Demotivators

You may need to check if there’s anything holding you back from getting on with the task in hand. Look at the following demotivators to see if they apply to you and if you need to change your situation [more…]

Creating a Motivational Environment

Your surroundings can have a strong influence on how you feel. Distractions can affect your motivation and stop you getting on with what you need to do. Think about: [more…]

Mini Motivation Questionnaire

Take a look at the following list of tasks and decide whether you want to achieve any of them. Select those activities you think you would like to take on: [more…]

How to Keep Your Franchise Staff Happy

After you’ve taken the time to gather and train your employees, you need to figure out how to hold onto them. The success of your franchise depends on keeping good employees. Use these tricks of the trade [more…]

Problem-Solving Methods to Avoid When Managing Employees

Problem solving is a skill that all managers need to do well. But there are some problem-solving methods that can create conflict that you should avoid when it comes to developing your employees. Moving [more…]

Understanding Coworkers’ Values When Conflict Arises

When conflict arises among coworkers, understand that everyone has a set of core values — things that are fundamentally important to them. Knowing that values are common motivators for people gives you [more…]

Ways to Respond to Conflict Between Coworkers

People react to and manage conflict at work very differently. Three people in the same situation may have three distinctly different reactions. And to make matters more complex, not only do people act [more…]

Understanding Power in Workplace Conflicts

Resolving workplace conflicts — or even exacerbating them — lies in the balance of power and how it's used. The most easily understood indication of power in the workplace is title or hierarchy. The CEO [more…]

How to Handle Cliques and Groups at Work

Groups that work well are an important component of the workplace. Often, nothing is more satisfying from a managerial perspective than the positive energy of a group accomplishing goals. On the other [more…]

How Making Assumptions About Coworkers Creates Conflict

Avoid conflict at work, by heeding the adage, "Never assume anything to avoid making an @$$ out of yourself." Inaccurately processing the information in your work environment or seeing only what you want [more…]

How to Avoid Conflict Caused by Micromanaging

Micromanaging, or taking an inappropriate, controlling and bothersome role in employee projects, adds unnecessary friction to already stressful situations. A person who micromanages causes conflict. Why [more…]

How Managers Encourage Conflict by Stirring the Pot

Stirring the pot means that you may (perhaps unknowingly) be causing existing problems to escalate rather than to settle down. Every person on a team isn’t going to get along 100 percent of the time with [more…]

Ways Managers Are Inattentive to Employee Conflict

Not slowing down long enough to understand the broader picture or focus your attention in the other direction shortchanges your staff and weakens your reputation. When you have your head down in front [more…]

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