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Business Coaching: Using Constructive Feedback vs. Praise and Criticism

One of the responsibilities of business coaches is to give performance feedback to employees. Performance feedback can be given two ways: through constructive feedback or through praise and criticism. [more…]

Business Coaching: How to Give Feedback Verbally

A skilled manager is also a business coach who knows how to verbally deliver constructive feedback. The phrasing and tone of your verbal feedback is important, because [more…]

How to Coach for Performance and Career Development

In coaching for performance and career development, managers develop employees by strengthening and growing employees' skills, knowledge, and abilities. As a result, employees can perform self-sufficiently [more…]

Business Coaching: Setting the Tone for Your Team

As a manager and business coach, you set the tone for your team. To exert influence and coach effectively, stay aware of your tone-setter role because even your own faults and weaknesses can be magnified [more…]

Business Coaching: How Not to Mentor

Mentoring employees is a large part of business coaching — and knowing how not to mentor will save you headaches down the road. Many managers fall into an all-knowing, all-telling, and come-to-the rescue [more…]

How to Coach Employees on Improvement in Performance

Coaching an employee for improvement in performance (sometimes called counseling) is necessary when you repeatedly give negative feedback on the same issues. Performance improvement is a sensitive topic [more…]

How to Delegate as a Business Coach

Delegating, as a business-coaching tool, means to assign and entrust assignments and responsibilities to others. Effective business coaches realize that delegating isn't about giving people tasks [more…]

How Business Coaches Use Active Listening to Mentor Employees

When you coach or mentor employees, know how to be an active listener where you work to draw out the speaker's message. In a coaching discussion, the real key to effective facilitation is to provide nonjudgmental [more…]

Applying Brain Science to Leadership

When you lead with the brain in mind, you address the structures of the brain and its needs. One way that scientists commonly consider the brain is as structure that includes three separate “brains” that [more…]

Leading Employees by Nourishing Their Brains

The same neuroscience that applies to your brain and leadership is critical for the way you lead your employees. You can feed employees’ brains and help them grow by [more…]

Using Your Leadership Brain to Make Decisions

Making good decisions under a variety of conditions is a critical leadership skill. Your brain works differently to decide when you have little time than it does when you can mull over your options. [more…]

Leading Your Team with Meetings that Work

Many employees (and leaders) have a bad feeling about meetings, but productive meetings serve many important purposes. You can lead your meetings more effectively when you follow a few guidelines: [more…]

A Dozen Training Do's

To guarantee your success as a trainer and design a training session that is learner-focused, make sure to incorporate this 12-pack of ideas in your training approach: [more…]

Seven Mistakes to Avoid as a Trainer

Everybody makes mistakes, but some mistakes can seriously affect your credibility as a trainer. Steer clear of committing these training blunders: [more…]

Characteristics of Effective Training Visuals

Visuals are an effective training tool, but only when they enhance - not detract - from your training delivery. Use visuals in your training presentation according to these rules: [more…]

How to Ensure Participation in Your Training

When you encourage participation and involve people in training you enhance learning. Enhance trainee participation and help create a great learning experience by using the REACT mnemonic for training [more…]

How to Make Your Training Stand Out

How do you set apart your training materials from information people can get online or at the library? Make your training memorable buy following these tips: [more…]

Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Setting yourself apart as a trainer and creating a successful training session means: practicing some basic training rules; avoiding trainer mistakes; using effective visual aids to enhance the training [more…]

How to Survive Office Politics by Identifying Key Players

To survive office politics, know who the key players are. After all, office politics is about the relationships and dynamics among your colleagues. At its best, those relationships allow you to get tasks [more…]

How to Resolve Office Conflicts Assertively

Resolving conflicts at work requires assertiveness — a willingness to deal professionally with conflict situations regardless of your comfort level. When resolving workplace conflict, the emphasis is on [more…]

Anger Management at Work: How to Be a Less Disgruntled Employee

If you’re tired and fed up of being disgruntled, dissatisfied and disheartened at work, here are some things you can do to remedy the problem and manage your anger: [more…]

How to Leverage Emotional Intelligence into Limbic Leadership

The best leaders incorporate emotional intelligence skills. An emotionally intelligent manager— what could be called a master of limbic leadership — can handle almost any situation. Whether you want to [more…]

How to Assess Your Leadership Style

The following assessment gives you a good idea of your strengths as a leader. Knowing your leadership style may help you understand why you lead the way you do, whether changing your style will be easy [more…]

How to Design Employee Training with a Leadership Brain

Training employees is time-consuming, costs money, and is the best investment that your company can ever make. Training your novices as well as your veterans pays off in the end — but only if you know [more…]

How to Make Employee Training Stick

If you want to have the perfect training session for your employees, you need more than good training material and an engaging trainer. You need to make sure that all the time and money is worth it. In [more…]


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