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Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Setting yourself apart as a trainer and creating a successful training session means: practicing some basic training rules; avoiding trainer mistakes; using effective visual aids to enhance the training [more…]

How to Survive Office Politics by Identifying Key Players

To survive office politics, know who the key players are. After all, office politics is about the relationships and dynamics among your colleagues. At its best, those relationships allow you to get tasks [more…]

How to Manage Time by Prioritizing Daily Tasks

Prioritizing daily tasks is key to successful time management. When you prioritize, you make sure you accomplish the most important tasks first. Make time management a habit — your stress level [more…]

How to Resolve Office Conflicts Assertively

Resolving conflicts at work requires assertiveness — a willingness to deal professionally with conflict situations regardless of your comfort level. When resolving workplace conflict, the emphasis is on [more…]

Anger Management at Work: How to Be a Less Disgruntled Employee

If you’re tired and fed up of being disgruntled, dissatisfied and disheartened at work, here are some things you can do to remedy the problem and manage your anger: [more…]

How to Leverage Emotional Intelligence into Limbic Leadership

The best leaders incorporate emotional intelligence skills. An emotionally intelligent manager— what could be called a master of limbic leadership — can handle almost any situation. Whether you want to [more…]

How to Assess Your Leadership Style

The following assessment gives you a good idea of your strengths as a leader. Knowing your leadership style may help you understand why you lead the way you do, whether changing your style will be easy [more…]

How to Design Employee Training with a Leadership Brain

Training employees is time-consuming, costs money, and is the best investment that your company can ever make. Training your novices as well as your veterans pays off in the end — but only if you know [more…]

How to Make Employee Training Stick

If you want to have the perfect training session for your employees, you need more than good training material and an engaging trainer. You need to make sure that all the time and money is worth it. In [more…]

How to Build Training Sessions for Different Types of Learners

Great leaders know how to motivate all of their followers. In the same way, successful training sessions teach all of their participants. After all, a training session is only as good as what the participants [more…]

How to Prepare the Perfect Employee Training

If you want to train employees and get results, you need to do more than hire a trainer with a decent reputation. You need to prepare for training with the same organization you put into onsite leadership [more…]

Unusual Tips for Training Employees

Don’t be afraid to venture outside the typical business training session. If you do something new, the training will excite and motivate your employees. Build a “sticky” training session with these unusual [more…]

Use Positive Stress to Get the Most from Your Managers

Being a leader comes with responsibility, and responsibility can bring stress. If you know how to manage the stress of leadership, you can make terrific things happen. This goes double for the managers [more…]

How to Make Stress and Structure Work for Your Employees

Believe it or not, the simple fact of a corporate hierarchy — from CEOs to managers to supervisors to "regular" employees — can cause stress. So how can you make stress work for you and for the entire [more…]

How To Help Employees Meet Expectations

Meeting expectations is a great accomplishment for every employee. Feeling in control is a great accomplishment for every employee’s brain. Leaders create opportunities for employees to make things happen [more…]

How to Use Competition in the Workplace

Using competition in the workplace can be healthy and productive. Competition increases levels of chemicals like testosterone and is motivational in many situations. It also can cause stress and alienation [more…]

How and Why to Give Feedback to Employees

Motivating employees is about more than charisma and vision. To help employees perform their best, a great leader will provide feedback — the right kind, at the right time. Feedback is an essential tool [more…]

How to Make a Brain-Friendly Workplace

Productivity flourishes under the right conditions, not just the right leader. If you want a successful business, make your employees happy. If you want a successful and [more…]

How to Hire the Best Brains for the Best Team

A great leader needs a great team. But how do you build the best team in your business? Even if someone looks great on a resume, you need to make sure they’ll be great as part of the whole business team [more…]

How to Hire the Best Brain for the Job

The best leaders know how to hire the best team — and it’s not all about evaluating resumes. In fact, the resume is just the starting block. To find the best person for your business team, you need to [more…]

Evaluating a Potential Employee's Fit in Your Company

Hiring new employees can be one of the biggest decisions a good leader makes. You need someone who can take your organization to the next level. A smart manager doesn’t make hiring decisions based solely [more…]

How to Build a Leader’s Brain and Keep It Healthy

As a leader who’s eager to make a difference, you want to do all you can for your brain. These ten tips get you started on a brain-healthy life to reach your highest potential. [more…]

Challenging Your Employees' Brains

Great business leaders challenge their employees. To have a productive workplace, after all, employees (and their brains) need to explore, test, and challenge. At the same time, challenge needs to be balanced [more…]

How to Deal with Toxic Employees

Because negativity and toxicity spread like germs in the workplace, you need to recognize the characteristics of the toxic worker. Whether it’s gossip, unconstructive criticism, drama, bitterness, constant [more…]

How Your Brain Controls Your Attention

Some people believe that great leaders must have impressive higher thinking skills. In reality, if you want to be a leader — the sort of manager that people admire — you need to use your entire brain. [more…]

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