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Working with a Catering Manager

Before you can organize a function with food for a big meeting or event, you need to meet with the catering manager (CM) at the facility you've rented or your outside caterer or party planner if you hold [more…]

Highlighting the Principles behind the Theory of Constraints

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a comprehensive technique for identifying and managing an organization's constraints for obtaining maximum output from a process [more…]

Planning for Employees' Growth, Development, and Education

Employee education is where many organizations get it wrong. Financial, customer, and process metrics are put into place, with strategies clearly laid out to achieve them. [more…]

Creating the Right Environment for a Business Meeting

Planning a business meeting involves more than just chairs and microphones. You'll want to create the right ambiance for your meeting, from the seating to the heating. Most of these items are ones that [more…]

Getting the Most Out of Your PR Hired Help

You've looked at your checkbook, looked with dismay at your current promotion campaign, and made a major decision: You want your promotions to be first class, and you've decided to get professional help [more…]

Watching for Illegal Accounting Practices in Your Business

Fraud, embezzlement, and misappropriation can occur in every size of business. Such illegal accounting practices require manipulation of a business’s accounts. Keep your eyes open for these kinds of illegal [more…]

How to Motivate Employees with Your Own Attitude

The attitude you adopt at the workplace affects not only you, but also your employees. Choose a positive attitude to motivate your employees. You may not have control over what happens to you, but you [more…]

How to Create a Motivated Workplace

Motivation among employees in the workplace is a curious thing. Employers sometimes have a difficult time defining a motivated workplace, but they have no trouble figuring out when motivation is absent [more…]

How to Establish Ethics in the Workplace

You can establish an ethical workplace environment at your business. Employees look to you when it comes to business ethics as the example of what’s expected: [more…]

How to Avoid Employee Motivation Busters

Don't demotivate your employees! Everyone seems to have an idea about how to motivate employees. But these things never work to motivate employees and almost always, in fact, demotivate: [more…]

How to Introduce a New Employee to Your Corporate Culture

Corporate culture means the environment in which your employees spend their time. Introduce your business's corporate culture to a new employee by following these tips, which can help you introduce your [more…]

How to Listen to Your Employees

Listen to your employees. If your employees feel you’re not listening, they won’t come to you with feedback, suggestions, or even status reports. Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. They’re [more…]

How to Criticize Employees with Care

Constructive criticism should be an ongoing part of your interaction with employees. When you offer criticism to an employee, remember to keep your criticism strictly professional. Most people know when [more…]

How to Build a Consensus among Your Employees

Build consensus among your employees when you need them to agree on a business issue or solve a business problem. Consensus building among employees doesn't mean stifling viewpoints, initiatives, or alternative [more…]

How to Field Employee Complaints

When you receive complaints from an employee, listen first.. If your employee is complaining about some aspect of the business or workplace, find out why. After you listen, you should also [more…]

How to Encourage Your Employees to Take Smart Risks

If you want a creative, motivated employee workforce, you need to accept some smart risks. An employee's truly innovative idea, although it comes with risk, can spark your team to pursue a new adventure [more…]

How to Counteract the Employee Grapevine

A grapevine exists among your business's employees (every business has an employee grapevine). But you can limit the grapevine's potential for demotivating employees by feeding it accurate information. [more…]

How to Empower Your Employees

Empowerment for your employees involves delegating responsibility with authority. When you empower an employee, you give him or her, the responsibility to make decisions about a project and decide how [more…]

How to Give an Employee Performance Appraisal

When giving an employee a performance appraisal (which you should do at least once a year), it needs to include feedback to the employee — and that’s not always positive. But a performance appraisal needs [more…]

How to Decide on a Method of Employee Training

You may need to train your new employees (and current employees) in a particular business area. Choose a training method that's appropriate for your employees, as well as the area in which you're training [more…]

How to Set a Salary Scale for Your Employees

You need to establish a salary pay scale for employees within your business. Don't hire employees and offer them salaries at random. The salary scale you decide on can influence your business, so choose [more…]

What Benefits to Offer Your Employees

Offer desirable employee benefits if you want your business to retain its employees. Although a full range of employee benefits from your business aren't required, you may need to do so to attract and [more…]

Using Financial Incentives to Motivate Employees

Financial incentive programs are designed to inspire employee loyalty and increase productivity among employees. For all financial incentive programs, your employees need to understand the criteria for [more…]

The Types of Workplace Teams

The kind of team that you set up among your business's employees depends on that employee team's assigned goal. A workplace team means a group of employees who are working together on either a temporary [more…]

How to Make Temporary Workers Feel Welcome

Temporary workers, also called contingent workers, work for your business on a temporary basis, such as during busy periods. Temporary workers increasingly fill businesses' staffing needs. [more…]


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