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Marketing Automation For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're new to marketing automation, you'll be eager to discover its exciting possibilities. To get the most out of your marketing automation solution, make sure that you understand the importance of [more…]

Top 10 Tips for Creating Great Marketing Content

You're going to need lots of content to use with your marketing automaton tool. Make sure to go over these tips when creating content or looking for new content mediums to use. [more…]

6 Tips for Better Data Management

Data management is one of the keys of marketing automation. You'll be bombarded with more data than ever before. Make sure to look at these data management best practices before you start with marketing [more…]

Marketing to the Modern Buyer: 4 Factors to Track

People go through a "buyer's cycle," or a research life cycle, before they purchase. How do you change your marketing automation to stay relevant over a full life cycle for each person? To start engaging [more…]

Marketing: 11 Ways to Help Your Business Keep the Lead

The use of marketing automation is on the rise in the business world, especially among smaller companies. Because the tide is rising, just having marketing automation won't keep you ahead of the pack in [more…]

4 Effective Tactics for Following Up Automated Marketing

Marketing automation gives you behavioral tracking, an automated marketing engine, and the power to follow up on every action of every prospect. These actions include web pages visited, videos watched, [more…]

How to Reorder Your Bar Supplies

These days, most suppliers can give you next-day turnaround on your bar order. It is recommended that you place orders for delivery of perishable goods, such as meat and produce, twice a week, once on [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Basics of Drink and Food Specials

People like to get a bargain. Sometimes the lure of the bargain helps them decide to visit your bar rather than someone else’s. Most bars try specials of some sort until they find something that works [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Basics of Menu Placement

If you want bar patrons to use your menu, you have to make it visible. Many times patrons will order something they’re familiar with, without ever looking at your drink menu. Make menus easy to access [more…]

5 Essential Selling Skills

To become and remain a professional in the selling business, you need to develop and maintain five essential skills. If you aren't sure of what skills to work on first, certainly someone in your life will [more…]

3 Steps to Closing a Difficult Sale

You’ve done your job as salesperson: You’ve provided great information and a wonderful solution to meet a potential client’s challenge. Yet, the buyer refuses to own what you’re offering. Her problem isn’t [more…]

Balancing Selling Time and Avoiding Burnout

Time is as precious as money, so it pays to explore ways to get more sales productivity out of the time you have to invest in your sales career. Everyone knows you can make twice the income by working [more…]

20 Keys to Setting Sales Goals

The average human being has the ability to achieve almost anything. As a salesperson, your goal is to discover what you want to achieve and find the will to sacrifice, change, and grow to satisfy that [more…]

10 Strategies for Improving Your Selling

When you attain a certain level of professionalism, you’ll be selling more. This increase in sales is a culmination of a lot of things: You’re figuring out how to find the best people to sell to, you’re [more…]

Marketing Automation Campaigns: Data Analyst Key Questions

Marketing automation is a next-generation, CRM-related tool for increasing lead conversions and improving forecasting and customer segmentation. To have a successful marketing automation campaign, knowing [more…]


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