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The Path of the Social CRM Buyer

Some salespeople still need to be convinced that Social CRM adds value to their efforts. Try following the path of a consumer. Previously, salespeople conducted B2B sales in the same way as the generations [more…]

The Social CRM Setup

Because social CRM is a nascent concept, it can be hard to get your arms around all the factors that affect customer service. To understand how social media has added a layer to CRM systems, look at it [more…]

Help Your Salespeople Adapt to Social CRM

When implementing social CRM, your company needs to help salespeople adapt to the social media style of customer engagement. This requires salespeople to manage significant change. However, salespeople [more…]

Implement A/B Testing In Sales

Knowing how efficient your organization’s sales are is partly about setting SMART goals and reaching them, but there are also other efficiency measures to consider within sales. [more…]

Set Up Sales Forecasting

If you want to forecast the future — next quarter’s sales, for example — you need to get a handle on what’s happened in the past. So you always start with what’s called a [more…]

Run a Competitive Analysis

Knowing where your competitors stand on key metrics and how their sales processes work can provide valuable insights into how you may be able to improve your own organization and processes. [more…]

Choose the Right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database

Today’s Customer Relationship Management databases, or CRMs, are hardly the static electronic address books of yesterday — they’re a whole ecosystem of applications and plug-ins that let businesses from [more…]

Enhance Your Phone System to Increase Sales Efficiency

It may never be appropriate to replace the human interactions usually involved in creating a sale, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t also a place for technology in the mix. For example, if your sales process [more…]

Make Your Marketing More Efficient

Efficient marketing is a broad topic that covers lots of areas, but there are a couple high-level concepts to keep in mind to make sure your marketing is just as efficient as your sales process. [more…]

Selling via Call Centers

After you reach scale, selling over the phone (or increasingly, through a website) requires a dedicated call center full of employees who focus on, well — calling customers! Done right, a call center can [more…]

Generate Sales Efficiently and Legally

Following a few best practices will help keep your organization’s sales robust and legal. You need to effectively use referrals, comply with e-mail laws, learn customer’s preferred contact methods, and [more…]

How Efficient Is Your Lead Generation?

You can have the most ruthlessly efficient expense reduction plan in the world, but if your company doesn’t also sell efficiently, you’re going to shutter. Generating sales leads is a crucial part of building [more…]

How Efficient Is Your Lead Nurturing?

Having motivated, energetic employees is more important in sales than most anywhere else. In most cases, they’re the first impression your customers ever have of your product and your organization, and [more…]

How Efficient Are Your Sales Teams?

An efficient sales staff has the tools and resources available to close sales without drowning under piles of paperwork or red tape. The more time sales staff spends constructing contracts and waiting [more…]

How to Set Realistic Sales Goals

Setting realistic sales goals is part logic and part luck. The goal needs to be ambitious enough to motivate your employees and avoid leaving potential revenue on the table, and yet not so pie-in-the-sky [more…]

Set Effective Sales Goals

The exact specifications of your sales goals have much to do with your industry, your business values, and your organizational culture. As you contemplate what your sales goals look like, or review your [more…]

Set Efficient and Clear Sales Commission Policies

An unclear sales commission policy is literallyexpensive, because you either pay for the lack of clarity in hard dollars or, if you choose not to reconcile the difference expected by your employee, goodwill [more…]

Track Sales Commissions

If you decide that sales commissions make sense for your organization, you’ve done the easy part. Now the hard part: actually defining the commission structure, and then keeping track of it. Many popular [more…]

The Pros and Cons of Quotas and Commissions

A quota is a minimum number (or dollar amount) of sales that a person has to reach during a set period of time, such as a month. Commissions are a percentage of each deal [more…]

6 Steps to Successful Telephone Sales for Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

Cold calls (telephone sales) for your micro-entrepreneurial business is more than a phone call to a stranger. Cold calls, when done successfully, can open up new business and avenues of revenue for your [more…]

Video Marketing That Increases Micro-Entrepreneurial Business Sales

Instead of employing telephone sales (cold calls) to generate sales for your micro-entrepreneurial business, try video cold calling (video marketing). With video marketing, your prospects either view your [more…]

Marketing Automation For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're new to marketing automation, you'll be eager to discover its exciting possibilities. To get the most out of your marketing automation solution, make sure that you understand the importance of [more…]

Top 10 Tips for Creating Great Marketing Content

You're going to need lots of content to use with your marketing automaton tool. Make sure to go over these tips when creating content or looking for new content mediums to use. [more…]

6 Tips for Better Data Management

Data management is one of the keys of marketing automation. You'll be bombarded with more data than ever before. Make sure to look at these data management best practices before you start with marketing [more…]

Marketing to the Modern Buyer: 4 Factors to Track

People go through a "buyer's cycle," or a research life cycle, before they purchase. How do you change your marketing automation to stay relevant over a full life cycle for each person? To start engaging [more…]

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