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Telephone Sales For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Being a successful telephone sales professional is as much about believing in yourself as it is selling your product. Follow these tips to keep yourself focused and motivated in your telephone sales endeavors [more…]

Meeting Sales Prospects for the First Time

When you meet prospective clients during the selling cycle – or anyone, for that matter – for the first time, your goal is for them to like and trust you. You can accomplish that goal and be on your way [more…]

Building Relationships and Friendships in Sales

Having contacted your prospect and arranged a meeting to discuss what you might be able to do for him, you need to connect with him on a personal level. Clients purchase from people they know, like and [more…]

Making Winning Sales Presentations

Selling is about the client winning, not you! The client’s operational style and their feelings around what might or might not happen are what you skillfully relate to what you have to sell. Try remembering [more…]

Handling Objections as You Sell

An important step in the selling cycle is listening to and responding to your prospect’s concerns and objections. Objections or concerns are the prospect’s way of buying confidently. Allow them to talk [more…]

Quick Pointers for Closing Any Sale

Most sales are lost because salespeople didn’t clearly ask for the business or asked at the wrong time. If your product or service has proven to be a truly good decision for your client, it’s your obligation [more…]

Selling For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

With the right selling skills in your arsenal, you’ll have more happiness and satisfaction in all areas of your life, not just in your selling career (although your selling will certainly benefit too). [more…]

Writing Restaurant Menu Lingo that Sells

Writing a great menu is a true art form. Get it right, and you’ll have a restaurant full of diners on your hands. Get it wrong, and you could struggle to get people coming through your door. Here are some [more…]

Staying Competitive in the Restaurant Business

Running a restaurant has its challenges – amongst them is dealing with the competition. Diners don’t have to come to your restaurant – they could always go somewhere else. You need to remain mindful of [more…]

How to Encourage Sales Force Compliance with Social CRM

There are several challenges when businesses try to integrate social CRM and sales. The issue of compliance among their sales force is often mentioned. Compliance refers to the fact that some salespeople [more…]

How to Build Sales Intelligence for Social CRM

Today, especially with Social CRM, sales intelligence means getting vast stores of information into the hands of employees. However, advances in computing power generate more data than your sales team [more…]

The Collaborative Sales Model and Social CRM

The use of new technology makes collaboration much easier for Social CRM. Today, teams can work across time zones and share whiteboards that are in the cloud. Video conferencing can bring everyone face [more…]

Return on Investment for Social CRM

You will want to see if your Social CRM is successful by measuring your return on investment. Central to this idea is the customer. Customers don’t want to be picked seemingly at random to receive a sales [more…]

The Evolution of Loyalty Programs for Social CRM

Customer loyalty programs are big business, especially for your Social CRM. These programs can be central to developing return customers. The 2011 Colloquy Loyalty Census [more…]

Loyalty Program Options for Social CRM

Loyalty programs can be important for your Social CRM. Loyal customers are hard to find and hard to keep. Customers who strictly shop on price will go from company to company to find the best bargain. [more…]

Make Your Social CRM Customers Feel Loved!

Everyone is vying for your Social CRM customers’ attention. Make them feel loved! Online ads, videos, points programs, and free samples are available everywhere. If you can think of ways to create a memorable [more…]

Social CRM Relies on Loyal Advocates and Social Influencers

Today’s customers demand to be heard. Loyal advocates and social influencers are central figures in Social CRM. Listening to them and reacting to their requests can build loyalty not only among the respondents [more…]

Social CRM: How to Find Out What Your Customers Are Saying

It’s important for your Social CRM to hear what your customers have to say about your brand. Before the Internet, retailers never had to deal with was customers from across the globe sharing all manner [more…]

How to Use Gamification as Part of Your Social CRM Strategy

Gamification is a concept that’s grabbing the interest of customers and loyalty program managers alike, especially for Social CRM. It refers to the application of game dynamics to business functions to [more…]

Social Customer Service Expansion for Social CRM

In this new social media environment, Social CRM companies are expanding the traditional contact center to accommodate a focus on the customer, not the product offerings. The new social customer service [more…]

The Importance of Social Customer Service for Social CRM

It stands to reason that if customer service is critical to the health of a company, for Social CRM, social customer service is even more crucial. Some data supports that. A Booz & Company and Buddy Media [more…]

How to Create a Persona for Social CRM

When you're targeting customers for Social CRM, it can be helpful to develop personas. This tactic has proven to aid salespeople in better understanding the customer. A persona is a representative of one [more…]

How to Create Social CRM Content that Sells

In this social media environment, salespeople also find the need to create content to communicate with a wider audience. If they want to be seen as experts, the quality of the content they create is critical [more…]

Create Social CRM Relationships on LinkedIn

Social CRM is centered around the social media world, so try using LinkedIn to build relationships for your campaign. According to most surveys, LinkedIn [more…]

How to Identify Your Sales Team’s Readiness to Leverage Social CRM

If you are considering embarking on a Social CRM strategy, one of the first things that you must do is assess your sales force’s readiness to adopt new tools and adapt to the new world. [more…]


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