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Sales Prospecting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To succeed in sales prospecting, realize that everyone you come in contact with is a possible sales prospect or can connect you to a potential client; and that you're going to hear the word [more…]

How to Influence Consumers and Their Buying Decisions

Consumers go through a decision-making process when they’re looking to buy products. To increase your chances of them purchasing from you, understanding how they decide what to buy and helping them through [more…]

How to Segment the Marketplace into Target Markets

Segmentation is designed to help you create marketing messages that talk straight to specific consumers, influencing their buying behavior. Creating these target markets should help you get the best results [more…]

Reasons for Buying to be Aware of to Close Sales

Knowing why people buy is crucial information to have if you want to close sales, no matter what you’re selling. Review the following list of the reasons people buy and put it to use to help you close [more…]

Reasons for Not Buying to be Aware of to Close Sales

As you present your product to potential customers and try to close sales, you may have an idea of why people buy things, but knowing why they don’t buy can be just as important. The following list contains [more…]

Signs a Customer is Interested in Closing a Sale

As you present your product or service to potential customers, you can close a sale more quickly if you recognize the signs that indicate that your customer is interested in buying. Notice the following [more…]

How to Close a Sale with a Tough Customer

You can do everything right in your efforts to close a sale, but some customers are just tough — they’re angry, they’re dissatisfied, they’re apathetic, they’re just not cooperating with your plan to close [more…]

Customers, Competitors, and the Businessperson

The customers, the rivals and a successful business model are the three major focal points that a business needs to analyse, consider and respond to respectively. Here are three questions to think about [more…]

Setting Up Your Baseline in Excel Sales Forecasting

You need to provide a solid baseline (history) in order for your Excel forecast functions to work accurately in Excel sales forecasting. This chart shows you some ways to arrange data for your baseline [more…]

The Analysis ToolPak in Excel Sales Forecasting

The Analysis ToolPak in Excel sales forecasting figures out what's going on with your data without your having to enter formulas. Excel's Analysis ToolPak has three useful tools for directly forecasting [more…]

Excel Sales Forecasting Functions

Give these sales forecasting functions in Excel a good baseline and you can get a handle on future sales business. Some Excel forecast functions and their actions appear in the following chart — keep it [more…]

The LINEST Function in Excel Sales Forecasting

The LINEST (or linear estimate) function in Excel sales forecasting uses formulas to calculate a regression equation and related statistics. This chart shows the information the Excel LINEST function will [more…]

Connecting Sales and Customer Service

Sales and service departments usually exist separately in companies, but from a customer service perspective the two are inseparable. So your customer believes you’re sincerely trying to serve them, employ [more…]

Meeting Sales Prospects for the First Time

When you meet prospective clients during the selling cycle — or anyone, for that matter — for the first time, your goal is for them to like and trust you. You can accomplish that goal and be on your way [more…]

Handling Objections as You Sell

An important step in the selling cycle is listening to and responding to your prospect’s concerns and objections. Here are the steps to take when a person objects to something about the product or service [more…]

Quick Pointers for Closing Any Sale

Most sales are lost because salespeople didn’t clearly ask for the business or asked at the wrong time. If your product or service has proven to be truly a good decision for your client, it’s your obligation [more…]

Qualifying Your Prospective Clients during the Selling Cycle

When you first meet with prospective clients, you need to qualify them — in other words, you need to see whether the product or service you sell meets their needs. To help you remember what to ask during [more…]

Making Winning Sales Presentations

People don’t buy logically. They buy emotionally and then defend their decisions with logic. Your sales presentation must not only capture and hold the attention of potential clients but should also involve [more…]

Selling For Dummies Cheat Sheet

With the right selling skills in your arsenal, you’ll have more happiness and satisfaction in all areas of your life, not just in your selling career (although your selling will certainly benefit, too) [more…]

How to Avoid Business Trouble: Eight Key Rules

A dangerous area of marketing arises when people try to bypass regulations that ensure fair pricing, safety, and honest advertising. In the UK, as in Europe and North America, there are regulations as [more…]

Choose an Online Marketplace

For selling physical products, the key to using a mom blog effectively to send traffic to your online store is to use a soft-sell approach. It’s hard to build up a loyal audience if your blog is simply [more…]

Set Up Payment System for Mom Blog Products and Services

Mom bloggers selling products and services need a way to collect payment, such as PayPal. The great part about working with an established online marketplace is that these sites have a built-in customer [more…]

How to Sell Downloads as a Mom Blogger

PayPal can handle the payments for your products, but they can’t deliver them. E-junkie works with a payment provider like PayPal that confirms a purchase, and then sends the downloads to your customers [more…]

Design Your Mom Blog to Maximize Sales

Don’t make your blog visitors have to think about what you want them to do. Make it immediately understandable, a call to action. Knowing who your customer is and what you’re selling might seem to be basic [more…]

The Six-Step Selling Cycle

The selling cycle breaks down neatly into six steps. Each of these steps is equally valuable and plays a critical role in building a successful career in sales. If you perform each step correctly, the [more…]


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