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Closing the Sale

Empathy is an intimate understanding of the feelings, thoughts, and motives of another. That's why empathy is of prime importance in professional selling. Empathy is putting yourself into the prospect's [more…]

Keeping Your Menu Competitive with Well-Timed Updates

Even restaurant franchises change their menus, in large part because of an increasingly savvy dining public. With more people going out to dinner more often, the question isn't [more…]

Selling Tips: Mastering the Meet and Greet

Your first meeting with a prospective client can set the entire tone for your relationship. Here are some guidelines to ensure that your relationship has a positive start: [more…]

Evaluating Your Sales Techniques

Like any serious effort to make positive changes in your life, changing how you sell begins with an honest assessment of your current skills. Until you admit that you could be doing something better and [more…]

Identifying the Seven Buyer Motivations

Until you know what your prospective clients want or need, you're in no position to sell them anything. All you can do is present the product and describe its features. When you know what the client is [more…]

Using Your Voice Effectively for Telephone Sales

When you're making telephone sales calls, the person at the other end doesn't know whether you're wearing a suit and tie or ratty pajamas. The only image that your sales prospects get is transmitted through [more…]

Knowing Product Basics

What must you absolutely, positively, truly know about your product in order to do well in selling it? Always begin with the obvious: [more…]

Three Clicks to Researching Telephone Sales Prospects

When you study up on your prospects before your telephone sales calls, you gather information that is bound to unlock sales success. As a side benefit, prospects are impressed and flattered when you show [more…]

Rounding Up the Likely Sales Prospects

If you sell products or services for a company, you should have learned during your product knowledge training where the likeliest places are to find your products or services in use. Those are, obviously [more…]

How to Haggle with Willing Customers

Customers, especially customers from other cultures, love to haggle. They often revel in the negotiating process and look forward to haggling with a challenging businessperson. [more…]

How to Locate Your Business's Geographic Market Area

As a business, you need to be where your customers are coming from, and you'll want to research where your customers live to make sure that your business is well-placed. This is also a good way to target [more…]

How to Define Your Business's Market

Define your business's market, who your business's customers are, so that you can target your marketing decisions directly at potential customers who fit your customer profile. Narrow your customer definition [more…]

How to Identify Customer Buying Behaviors

While any amount of foot traffic is good, your business needs buying customers. So, figure out a few buying behaviors to convince your customers to buy your business, product, or service. To identify buying [more…]

How to Sell Your Business or Product over the Phone

If you want potential customers to call your business, make your phone number large and bold, and give them a reason to dial it by helping them understand what you offer in your ads. And then be ready [more…]

How to Move a Potential Customer to the Buying Decision

Make your business's potential customers into actual customers by convincing potential customers to buy. Plan your business's marketing communications to move potential customers to buy by using this general [more…]

How to Effectively Sell Your Product or Service

Selling is the art of matching product benefits with customer needs or desires. Sell your businesses offerings by communicating the value of your product or service to your potential customers. Lead the [more…]

Presenting Your Product or Service to a Potential Customer

Your business presentations let you introduce your product or service to potential customers in person. For your clients, your presentation should offer a summary of key points, respond to questions or [more…]

Knowing When to Close a Sale

Watch for subtle signals in your customers that indicate that they are ready to make a purchase so you can stop your sales pitch. A good salesperson should never keep talking when they pick up on certain [more…]

Creating a Simple Purchasing Process for Your Business

Make buying a breeze and you'll have happy customers. The process of buying your product or services should be quick and simple. Your customers should find it painless. [more…]

Persuading Your Customers to Buy More

Your business can probably make additional sales to your current customers. Capturing additional sales for your business means you have to determine customer buying behavior and inventory your full product [more…]

How to Handle Customer Objections to Buying

When you're talking with a potential customer, that customer may raise objections to completing the sale. Here are the most common objections you're likely to encounter, along with suggestions on how to [more…]

How to Establish a Plan for Business Referrals

Referrals to your business from satisfied customers don’t just happen; you have to have a plan to generate referral business. You can develop a systematic strategy for generating referrals by following [more…]

Turn Fixed Features into Emotional Benefits for Sales Prospects

Create an emotional tie-in to link the sales prospect with your product. Build a mental image (stirring your sales prospect's emotions) that shows how the product can benefit his or her life. Carefully [more…]

People to Help You Find Sales Prospects

When looking for sales prospects, you don’t need to limit your search to just the people you know. Find sales prospects in the people who know your people. Friends, family, clients, and everyday contacts [more…]

Your Sales Prospecting Mindset

Reinforce your sales prospecting mindset with a few tips, starting with this: Remember that everyone you meet is a potential sales prospect and you have the key to success: You look at people differently [more…]

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