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Making Effective Collection Calls

Most people hate making collection calls almost as much as the person on the other end of the line hates getting them, but calls to collect your debt are an important part of getting money from slow-paying [more…]

How to Improve Quality Control through Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is one of the most important resources for improving an organization's quality control. If you're serious about quality control, you can't assume that you know what the customer wants [more…]

Customers, Competitors, and the Businessperson

The customers, the rivals and a successful business model are the three major focal points that a business needs to analyse, consider and respond to respectively. Here are three questions to think about [more…]

Members of the Call Center Team and What They Do

No matter how sophisticated or high-tech a call center is, for any call center operation to be successful, it needs the right players in place to bring it all to life. Here’s a list of the key call center [more…]

Ten Ways to Listen Well as Part of Communicating Effectively

Communicating effectively involves not only speaking well, but listening well, too. Active-listening tools, such as those in the following list, help you hold up your end of a successful conversation or [more…]

How to Communicate Effectively to an Audience

When you speak to a crowd, communicating effectively means that your delivery is positive and confident so that your message comes across effectively. Use the tips in the following list to convey your [more…]

How to Build Strong Working Relationships with Effective Communication

Effective communication strategies can help you build strong working relationships with clients and customers, team members, managers, and internal customers. Use the tips in the following list: [more…]

Pitfalls to Avoid in Workplace Communications

Effective communications includes choosing the proper method to communicate, the right time, and the relevant message. The pitfalls in the following list are ones to avoid: [more…]

How to Become a Customer-Centric Company

Committing to the customer is the way to build (and keep) your loyal customer base. Becoming customer-centric in all areas of your business requires focus, effort, and action in the following areas: [more…]

Addressing Customers Service Issues with E-mail

In the business world today, many customer service issues are handled by e-mail. To make sure your emails are professional and well-written, use these helpful tips: [more…]

Working Styles of Customer Service

Your working style describes how you generally approach and deal with people and work situations. Study these four primary working styles to better understand your customers and co-workers: [more…]

For Managers: Coaching Customer Service

To keep a high-level of commitment to great customer service, your staff needs constant support. Use these lessons as manager when you hold a staff meeting to get started: [more…]

Connecting Sales and Customer Service

Sales and service departments usually exist separately in companies, but from a customer service perspective the two are inseparable. So your customer believes you’re sincerely trying to serve them, employ [more…]

How to Identify Your Mom Blog Customers

You need to focus on a niche. Marketing is not just about finding the right clients, but also about avoiding the wrong clients. When you’re focusing on a niche, the first step is identifying your typical [more…]

Making a Great First Impression

Making a powerful first impression helps enormously with persuasion and influence. Follow these recommendations when you want the impression you make to be the best it can possibly be. [more…]

Building Rapport in Relationships

Rapport is about making a two-way connection between people. It is the foundation for any relationship. When it comes to building rapport, size doesn’t matter. You can develop rapport on a one-to-one basis [more…]

Your Persuasion and Influence To-Do List

This is a list of behaviours for you to adopt that can help you become a person of persuasion and influence. Rather than tackling them all at once, pick one or two to begin with and focus on them for a [more…]

Ten Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Online Small Business

Attracting customers to your online business involves a sophisticated e-commerce marketing plan that protects your online reputation and brand while attracting customers you want. An online business must [more…]

How to Data Mine Your Small Business Customer Information

Research your current small business customers and track the information so you can better target them with marketing. Customer information you collect helps retain current customers and reach more people [more…]

Improve Telephone First Impressions of Your Small Business

Customers form impressions of your small business whenever they come into contact with it even through a telephone. Protect your small business by controlling the impression you make through telephone [more…]

Improve Your Small Business Customer Service

Your small business customer service is measured by how well you deliver your product to your customer. Improving your small business customer service is often the key to survival, especially in a tough [more…]

How to Deal with Small Business Customer Concerns and Complaints

When a small business customer expresses a concern or has a complaint, don't panic. Use the customer complaint as an opportunity to improve small business service or product for all your customers and [more…]

Benefits of Good Public Relations for Your Small Business

Public relations (PR) is about getting your small business noticed by customers, business partners, and prospects. Develop a working public relations plan to target specific audiences with your small business [more…]

Monitor Small Business Customer Loyalty

As a small business owner, you must constantly monitor your customers' loyalty to your business, and do everything you can to maintain it. Customer loyalty is cultivated through every interaction your [more…]

Increase Your Small Business Sales by Improving Customer Relationships

Increase sales in your small business by improving your relationship with customers, so they return to buy again and again. Closing sales in a small business begins with establishing relationships with [more…]


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