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The Collaborative Sales Model and Social CRM

The use of new technology makes collaboration much easier for Social CRM. Today, teams can work across time zones and share whiteboards that are in the cloud. Video conferencing can bring everyone face [more…]

Collaboration Tools for Social CRM

If an organization doesn’t have a social CRM system, employees can still find online tools that will help them collaborate effectively. There are hundreds of new collaboration tools available that can [more…]

How to Interact with the Social CRM Customer

Most businesses understand that they need to focus on the fact that their Social CRM customers are talking back in record numbers. The part they often overlook is the establishment of effective plans to [more…]

Return on Investment for Social CRM

You will want to see if your Social CRM is successful by measuring your return on investment. Central to this idea is the customer. Customers don’t want to be picked seemingly at random to receive a sales [more…]

Search the Blogosphere for Social CRM Blogging Ideas

When you’re planning your company blog for Social CRM, you want to make sure you get an idea of what others — especially your competitors — are doing. Make a point of looking at several blogs and taking [more…]

Plan Your Social CRM Blog Posts

To make a successful Social CRM post, make sure you plan ahead. One of the hardest parts of sustaining an active blog is to constantly feed it with new posts. To help with this process, create an editorial [more…]

How to Write Brand Posts for Your Social CRM Blog

Your Social CRM brand posts should engage the customers and make them feel like you’re interested in what they have to say. Like any good social media content, you want to develop a dialogue with your [more…]

Tips for SEO in Your Social CRM Blog Content

Search engine optimization is a topic that many businesses would like to ignore. SEO is frustrating because it’s a moving target and, even with Social CRM, there’s no one right way to do everything. But [more…]

Blogging Tools for Social CRM

Blogging tools are relatively easy to use for Social CRM. They’re structured so that you use a template to fill in all the required information that helps search engines find you. This information includes [more…]

The Social CRM Value of Podcasts

No company using social media or Social CRM should overlook the value of podcasts. A podcast is an audio file that listeners can either directly download to their computer [more…]

Social CRM: Why Should We Use Podcasts?

Are podcasts of interest to you? Here are some ways that creating podcasts for Social CRM could benefit your company. Podcasts should not be overlooked as a useful tool for your marketing campaign as the [more…]

Plan Your Social CRM Podcasts

Recording a great podcast for Social CRM can be challenging if you don’t plan what you’re going to do ahead of time. The first step in planning is to gather inspiration by listening to popular podcasts [more…]

Podcast Tools for Social CRM

To create podcasts for Social CRM, you can choose from several types of tools. Using tools can help you create the best podcast for your brand. Your choice will depend on such things as the following: [more…]

Tweet with Twitter for Social CRM

Twitter lovers have an important case to make for anyone involved in Social CRM. People either love or hate Twitter. The ones who hate it say they just can’t pack enough meaning into 140 characters. The [more…]

The Evolution of Loyalty Programs for Social CRM

Customer loyalty programs are big business, especially for your Social CRM. These programs can be central to developing return customers. The 2011 Colloquy Loyalty Census [more…]

Loyalty Program Options for Social CRM

Loyalty programs can be important for your Social CRM. Loyal customers are hard to find and hard to keep. Customers who strictly shop on price will go from company to company to find the best bargain. [more…]

Make Your Social CRM Customers Feel Loved!

Everyone is vying for your Social CRM customers’ attention. Make them feel loved! Online ads, videos, points programs, and free samples are available everywhere. If you can think of ways to create a memorable [more…]

Social CRM Relies on Loyal Advocates and Social Influencers

Today’s customers demand to be heard. Loyal advocates and social influencers are central figures in Social CRM. Listening to them and reacting to their requests can build loyalty not only among the respondents [more…]

Social CRM: How to Find Out What Your Customers Are Saying

It’s important for your Social CRM to hear what your customers have to say about your brand. Before the Internet, retailers never had to deal with was customers from across the globe sharing all manner [more…]

How to Use Gamification as Part of Your Social CRM Strategy

Gamification is a concept that’s grabbing the interest of customers and loyalty program managers alike, especially for Social CRM. It refers to the application of game dynamics to business functions to [more…]

Social Customer Service Expansion for Social CRM

In this new social media environment, Social CRM companies are expanding the traditional contact center to accommodate a focus on the customer, not the product offerings. The new social customer service [more…]

The Importance of Social Customer Service for Social CRM

It stands to reason that if customer service is critical to the health of a company, for Social CRM, social customer service is even more crucial. Some data supports that. A Booz & Company and Buddy Media [more…]

Social CRM: Encourage Customer Engagement

One way to look at the value of social customer service for Social CRM is to look at it from the customer engagement side. In other words, how does great customer service increase your customer’s dedication [more…]

How to Deal With Complaints for Social CRM

The home for complaints used to be customer service department. Now, complaints for Social CRM have lots of places to go via social media, which amplifies a complaint’s negative message. Complaints are [more…]

Serve Your Social CRM Customer

The state of social customer service for Social CRM should remind everyone of Malone’s Laws of Technology, created by Michael S. Malone, former editor of [more…]

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