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Effective Game Mechanics in Business Gamification

Any good gamification guru will tell you: You’re only as good as the tools in your toolbox. When it comes to game mechanics, various tools are available to you — each designed to elicit a specific reaction [more…]

Understanding Business Gamification Frameworks

A gamification framework is a holistic program designed to achieve a specific business objective. The framework you use depends on the outcome you want to achieve. Note that you can mix frameworks. As [more…]

Business Gamification For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using gamification in your business boosts customer loyalty and engagement. But you need to know how to motivate customers to do what you'd like them to by providing the right types of rewards and understanding [more…]

Meeting Sales Prospects for the First Time

When you meet prospective clients during the selling cycle – or anyone, for that matter – for the first time, your goal is for them to like and trust you. You can accomplish that goal and be on your way [more…]

Building Relationships and Friendships in Sales

Having contacted your prospect and arranged a meeting to discuss what you might be able to do for him, you need to connect with him on a personal level. Clients purchase from people they know, like and [more…]

Making Winning Sales Presentations

Selling is about the client winning, not you! The client’s operational style and their feelings around what might or might not happen are what you skillfully relate to what you have to sell. Try remembering [more…]

Handling Objections as You Sell

An important step in the selling cycle is listening to and responding to your prospect’s concerns and objections. Objections or concerns are the prospect’s way of buying confidently. Allow them to talk [more…]

Quick Pointers for Closing Any Sale

Most sales are lost because salespeople didn’t clearly ask for the business or asked at the wrong time. If your product or service has proven to be a truly good decision for your client, it’s your obligation [more…]

Selling For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

With the right selling skills in your arsenal, you’ll have more happiness and satisfaction in all areas of your life, not just in your selling career (although your selling will certainly benefit too). [more…]

Spotting Signs of Dissatisfaction among Your Restaurant Guests

The last thing you want on your hands are unsatisfied guests in your restaurant. Remember these top tips for spotting and dealing with diners who may have a problem: [more…]

Simple Steps for Resolving Your Restaurant Customers' Service Issues

When you run your own restaurant, you obviously want your customers to leave after their meal having had a great experience. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, and you’ll want to resolve whatever problem they [more…]

Writing Restaurant Menu Lingo that Sells

Writing a great menu is a true art form. Get it right, and you’ll have a restaurant full of diners on your hands. Get it wrong, and you could struggle to get people coming through your door. Here are some [more…]

Staying Competitive in the Restaurant Business

Running a restaurant has its challenges – amongst them is dealing with the competition. Diners don’t have to come to your restaurant – they could always go somewhere else. You need to remain mindful of [more…]

Define a Brand Blog for Social CRM

Blogs play an important role in your social CRM. They are part of the conversation that you need to integrate into your system to ensure that you’re interacting with your customers. [more…]

The Role of Social Media in Social CRM

Customers, and social media, more now than ever, influence Social CRM and the way that companies conduct business. Customers don’t run your business but they do determine how you engage them. Listening [more…]

Social CRM Fundamentals

The definition of social CRM is complete only if you consider the fundamental elements of a successful social CRM strategy. Social CRM includes two main elements: influence and community. [more…]

Social Versus Traditional CRM

There are some key differences between traditional and social CRM. Social CRM is a strategy. It’s a philosophy, not just software and technologies to gather and manage customer data, though such technologies [more…]

Top 5 Challenges of Social CRM

One of the biggest challenges in social CRM is the speed at which new technology, communication channels, and customers adapt to each other. Social CRM is a major shift in the way companies perceive and [more…]

Prioritize Activities and Resources for Social CRM

In order to build a sustainable and scalable social CRM program, you must prioritize activities with dedicated resources in mind. We’ve talked a lot about the philosophy of social CRM, social business, [more…]

Strategies to Establish Your Social CRM Goals

Even though you’ll see social CRM’s benefits over time, not overnight, you should still establish goals for a long-term strategy. Here’s the main question: Why do you want a social media and social CRM [more…]

How Customer Habits Play into Your Social CRM Strategy

In order to create a successful CRM strategy, you need to know that habits of your customers. Many businesses have been merely reacting to the phenomenon of customers gaining control of the marketplace [more…]

How to Influence the Customer with Social CRM

In order to influence modern customers with Social CRM, you have to give customers what they want. Remember the social customer is empowered with knowledge. Relevancy presents the key to influencing these [more…]

How to Create Successful Customer Conversations with Social CRM

Armed with knowledge, the social customer requires a relevancy in social messaging. This digital diva of a customer wants offers, discounts, apologies, recognition, recommendations, more information, transparency [more…]

How to Incorporate Social CRM Into Your Company Branding

There are two social factors key to branding your business within the new Social CRM business model: humanization and personalization. Too often, a brand representative thinks she must be a faceless entity [more…]

How to Measure the Impact of Social CRM

Anyone who takes on a new business venture , Social CRM, or investment wants to know how to measure success. Social CRM requires patience, with a focus on long-term goals and benefits. There are many benefits [more…]

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