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Signs a Customer is Interested in Closing a Sale

As you present your product or service to potential customers, you can close a sale more quickly if you recognize the signs that indicate that your customer is interested in buying. Notice the following [more…]

How to Close a Sale with a Tough Customer

You can do everything right in your efforts to close a sale, but some customers are just tough — they’re angry, they’re dissatisfied, they’re apathetic, they’re just not cooperating with your plan to close [more…]

Sales Closing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Closing sales is what you do and what you want to do more of. Being aware of the reasons people buy — and the reasons they don’t — can make your job more productive. Training yourself to look for signs [more…]

How to Improve Quality Control through Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is one of the most important resources for improving an organization's quality control. If you're serious about quality control, you can't assume that you know what the customer wants [more…]

Customers, Competitors, and the Businessperson

The customers, the rivals and a successful business model are the three major focal points that a business needs to analyse, consider and respond to respectively. Here are three questions to think about [more…]

Public Relations For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To get people talking about you, your company, or your product, you need to develop a good public relations (PR) plan. Applying some PR fundamentals, knowing how to deal with the media, getting your press [more…]

Members of the Call Center Team and What They Do

No matter how sophisticated or high-tech a call center is, for any call center operation to be successful, it needs the right players in place to bring it all to life. Here’s a list of the key call center [more…]

Setting Up Your Baseline in Excel Sales Forecasting

You need to provide a solid baseline (history) in order for your Excel forecast functions to work accurately in Excel sales forecasting. This chart shows you some ways to arrange data for your baseline [more…]

The Analysis ToolPak in Excel Sales Forecasting

The Analysis ToolPak in Excel sales forecasting figures out what's going on with your data without your having to enter formulas. Excel's Analysis ToolPak has three useful tools for directly forecasting [more…]

Excel Sales Forecasting Functions

Give these sales forecasting functions in Excel a good baseline and you can get a handle on future sales business. Some Excel forecast functions and their actions appear in the following chart — keep it [more…]

The LINEST Function in Excel Sales Forecasting

The LINEST (or linear estimate) function in Excel sales forecasting uses formulas to calculate a regression equation and related statistics. This chart shows the information the Excel LINEST function will [more…]

Ten Ways to Listen Well as Part of Communicating Effectively

Communicating effectively involves not only speaking well, but listening well, too. Active-listening tools, such as those in the following list, help you hold up your end of a successful conversation or [more…]

How to Communicate Effectively to an Audience

When you speak to a crowd, communicating effectively means that your delivery is positive and confident so that your message comes across effectively. Use the tips in the following list to convey your [more…]

How to Build Strong Working Relationships with Effective Communication

Effective communication strategies can help you build strong working relationships with clients and customers, team members, managers, and internal customers. Use the tips in the following list: [more…]

Pitfalls to Avoid in Workplace Communications

Effective communications includes choosing the proper method to communicate, the right time, and the relevant message. The pitfalls in the following list are ones to avoid: [more…]

How to Become a Customer-Centric Company

Committing to the customer is the way to build (and keep) your loyal customer base. Becoming customer-centric in all areas of your business requires focus, effort, and action in the following areas: [more…]

Addressing Customers Service Issues with E-mail

In the business world today, many customer service issues are handled by e-mail. To make sure your emails are professional and well-written, use these helpful tips: [more…]

Working Styles of Customer Service

Your working style describes how you generally approach and deal with people and work situations. Study these four primary working styles to better understand your customers and co-workers: [more…]

For Managers: Coaching Customer Service

To keep a high-level of commitment to great customer service, your staff needs constant support. Use these lessons as manager when you hold a staff meeting to get started: [more…]

Connecting Sales and Customer Service

Sales and service departments usually exist separately in companies, but from a customer service perspective the two are inseparable. So your customer believes you’re sincerely trying to serve them, employ [more…]

Customer Service For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Of course, you want to keep your business focused on customer satisfaction! People have different approaches to dealing with clients and customers, define your own style and you can better serve both customers [more…]

Meeting Sales Prospects for the First Time

When you meet prospective clients during the selling cycle — or anyone, for that matter — for the first time, your goal is for them to like and trust you. You can accomplish that goal and be on your way [more…]

Handling Objections as You Sell

An important step in the selling cycle is listening to and responding to your prospect’s concerns and objections. Here are the steps to take when a person objects to something about the product or service [more…]

Quick Pointers for Closing Any Sale

Most sales are lost because salespeople didn’t clearly ask for the business or asked at the wrong time. If your product or service has proven to be truly a good decision for your client, it’s your obligation [more…]

Qualifying Your Prospective Clients during the Selling Cycle

When you first meet with prospective clients, you need to qualify them — in other words, you need to see whether the product or service you sell meets their needs. To help you remember what to ask during [more…]


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