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How to Foster a Positive Business Relationship with Native Americans

Native Americans, also called American Indians, may play a part in your business, either as business customers or business contacts. Native American culture shapes the way that this cultural group interacts [more…]

How to Interact with Anglo Americans in Your Business

Knowing Anglo American (Caucasian) cultural norms gives Anglo American businesspeople a clearer understanding of the differences between “us” and “them,” and also provides immigrant businesspeople with [more…]

How to Research Your Business's Market Cultural Demographic

Developing a marketing and sales strategy that’s both effective and profitable requires a good sense of your marketplace’s cultural makeup. You can gather data on the multicultural composition of a market [more…]

How to Offer In-Demand Ethnic Products and Services

If you identify the ethnic products and services your multicultural customers want or need to buy, you'll be able to stock up on their preferred selections — and succeed in sales with a diverse inventory [more…]

How to Approach Customers with a Friendly Smile

Service with a smile is always important for your business. To every customer you greet, your sincere facial expression should say, “I’m so glad to see you!” [more…]

How to Deal with a Customer's Language Barrier

When dealing with a business customer who doesn't speak English (or doesn't know much of the language), you can overcome that customer language barrier in a number of ways: [more…]

How to Get Name Pronunciation Right in Business Dealings

When introduced to a business contact, make sure you pronounce that person's name correctly. If you don't determine the right way to say his or her name, you can ruin a good business relationship by mispronouncing [more…]

How to Tune In to a Customer's Contextual Clues

Customers give you contextual clues about the meaning behind what they're saying — or not saying. You just need to interpret those contextual clues to best serve your customers. [more…]

How to Handle Customer Objections to Buying

When you're talking with a potential customer, that customer may raise objections to completing the sale. Here are the most common objections you're likely to encounter, along with suggestions on how to [more…]

Show Customers How to Use What You Sell

Sharing information about your products or services builds trust with the people who purchase from your business. Your helpfulness can boost their confidence in your abilities, knowledge, and motives. [more…]

How to Establish a Plan for Business Referrals

Referrals to your business from satisfied customers don’t just happen; you have to have a plan to generate referral business. You can develop a systematic strategy for generating referrals by following [more…]

How to Dispel Myths about American Businesspeople

People who don’t get to meet many U.S. citizens sometimes have a distorted view of Americans. By becoming aware of how people from other countries and cultures may perceive you, you have a better chance [more…]

Turn Fixed Features into Emotional Benefits for Sales Prospects

Create an emotional tie-in to link the sales prospect with your product. Build a mental image (stirring your sales prospect's emotions) that shows how the product can benefit his or her life. Carefully [more…]

People to Help You Find Sales Prospects

When looking for sales prospects, you don’t need to limit your search to just the people you know. Find sales prospects in the people who know your people. Friends, family, clients, and everyday contacts [more…]

Your Sales Prospecting Mindset

Reinforce your sales prospecting mindset with a few tips, starting with this: Remember that everyone you meet is a potential sales prospect and you have the key to success: You look at people differently [more…]

Sales Prospecting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To succeed in sales prospecting, realize that everyone you come in contact with is a possible sales prospect or can connect you to a potential client; and that you're going to hear the word [more…]

How to Influence Consumers and Their Buying Decisions

Consumers go through a decision-making process when they’re looking to buy products. To increase your chances of them purchasing from you, understanding how they decide what to buy and helping them through [more…]

Consumers, Their Behavior, and You: A Marketing Relationship

Your marketing approach, personal influence, and social conditions influence consumers and what they decide to buy. This chart summarizes the relationship between consumers, their buying behavior, and [more…]

How to Segment the Marketplace into Target Markets

Segmentation is designed to help you create marketing messages that talk straight to specific consumers, influencing their buying behavior. Creating these target markets should help you get the best results [more…]

Consumer Behavior For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Making the most of your marketing plan means understanding why consumers buy, paying attention to consumer marketing trends, and influencing consumers' decisions. Segmenting the market helps you create [more…]

Making Sure You Comply with Consumer Protection Laws When Collecting Debt

Although debt collection regulations are typically less stringent if you’re collecting your own debts in-house or if you’re collecting business debts, it’s good practice to collect your debts as if every [more…]

Red Flags that Your Customer May Default on Debt

Certain events should trigger an immediate investigation of your customer’s account, and immediate collections action if the account isn’t paid in full. [more…]

Making Effective Collection Calls

Most people hate making collection calls almost as much as the person on the other end of the line hates getting them, but calls to collect your debt are an important part of getting money from slow-paying [more…]

Reasons for Buying to be Aware of to Close Sales

Knowing why people buy is crucial information to have if you want to close sales, no matter what you’re selling. Review the following list of the reasons people buy and put it to use to help you close [more…]

Reasons for Not Buying to be Aware of to Close Sales

As you present your product to potential customers and try to close sales, you may have an idea of why people buy things, but knowing why they don’t buy can be just as important. The following list contains [more…]


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