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How to Reward Players with Reputations in Gamification Systems

Recognition is part of just about every type of competition on this planet. Recognition with reputations in gameplay for completing a task or accomplishing a goal not only feeds this basic human need, [more…]

How to Reward Players with Status in Gamification Systems

In a gamified environment, status is often tied to valuable gameplay behaviors that support a company’s business objectives and needs to be rewarded. So on a site that sells books, for example, you might [more…]

How to Give Privileges in a Gamification System

Although some users prefer to be rewarded in a gamification system with reputation or status, others will be more motivated by receiving privileges. These might include the following: early/VIP access, [more…]

How to Give Prizes as Monetary Rewards in Gamification

Some users will certainly be satisfied with recognition and privileges from your gamified systems, but others may hold out for more monetary rewards or other tangible benefits from gameplay activity. These [more…]

How to Give Redemptions as Monetary Rewards in Gamification

Many companies opt to reward desired gameplay behaviors with gamification-based points — sometimes called something else, such as miles — that users can redeem for, well, just about anything. [more…]

How to Reward Players during the Onboarding Phase in Gamification

The onboarding phase for users of a gamification system is relatively short — maybe one or two sessions. Nevertheless, it is extremely important. After all, this is a new user’s introduction to your gamification [more…]

How to Reward Players during the Mid-Game Phase in Gamification

The objective of the mid-game phase is all about progress. The user is unlocking achievements and reaching new levels through gameplay. In other words, experiencing more triumphs in the gamification system [more…]

How to Reward Players during the Elder-Game Phase in Gamification

Eventually, a user gets to the point where he’s done everything the gamification site has to offer, many times over. Even though he’s built up a large gameplay presence, he’s still thinking about leaving [more…]

The Future of Social CRM Analytics

Marketing and PR initiatives have their own set of metrics. Thus, the future of Social CRM analytics can be difficult to predict. What works for those avenues toward customer engagement can't be applied [more…]

The Change to Social CRM

Many companies have issues with the change to Social CRM, which could be associated with the speed at which technology changes or fear of making the wrong decisions. However, the issue with change management [more…]

Help Your Salespeople Adapt to Social CRM

When implementing social CRM, your company needs to help salespeople adapt to the social media style of customer engagement. This requires salespeople to manage significant change. However, salespeople [more…]

How Tablets Support Social CRM

Tablets are the new tool to have for a salesperson, especially a salesperson dedicated to Social CRM. Although there were skeptics who thought the iPad wouldn’t be popular, it has sold more units in a [more…]

Why Loyalty Programs are Important for Your Social CRM

How can a loyalty program help your Social CRM campaign? Fred Reichheld — author of several seminal books on loyalty, including The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven [more…]

Should You Use Employees’ Outside Connections for Your Social CRM?

Drawing on your employees connections can be a valuable tool for your Social CRM. Employee participation can be especially valuable to a company when employees are permitted to draw on their own social [more…]

Best Practices for Social CRM Media Governance

Because social media technologies continue to evolve, it can be hard for Social CRM managers to address all the issues related to social media governance. It can be helpful to look at the UBM Techweb Technology [more…]

Which Social CRM System Will Meet Your Needs?

There are many options for Social CRM systems and it is important to do some research to determine which is best for your company. You can begin by determining what information is most important to you [more…]

How to Add Widgets to a Gamification System

Many gamification providers provide a suite of widgets that you can embed in your site to educate, encourage, and guide users. The point of using widgets is that they’re crazy easy to implement in your [more…]

How to Add Missions and Tracks in Gamification

You can use missions and tracks to guide players through a gameplay experience or to encourage ongoing participation. Just as a mission is a series of rewards strung together, a track — often used in the [more…]

How to Define Behaviors in a Gamification Program

You should have a very solid idea of what gameplay behaviors you want to define in your gamification program. A gameplay behavior is defined as a name, a point value, and a time limit. [more…]

How to Create Rewards and Levels in a Gamification Program

Creating rewards and levels in a gamification program is conceptually simple: You specify the gameplay behavior you want to reward, define any rules associated with the behavior [more…]

How to Keep a Gamification System Secure

Not to get all Chicken Little on you, but you must take measures to secure the data you gather with your gamification program. These security measures are network-related security features and platform-related [more…]

How to Use Community Expert Framework in Gamification

If the site you seek to gamify is a customer-facing online community, then odds are the community expert framework will meet your gamification needs. It enables you to establish user reputation hierarchies [more…]

How to Use Social Loyalty Framework in Gamification

The social loyalty framework is for specific tasks in gamification — from training, certifications, and special promotions to loyalty economies, gamified events, and tradeshows. This framework is all about [more…]

How to Apply Social Loyalty Framework Mechanics in Gamification

The social loyalty framework is ideal for engaging the masses or converting one-time customers into returning ones. The social loyalty framework rewards your site’s users for what they already do, their [more…]

How Companies Use Community Expert Frameworks in Gamification

If you seek to gamify is a customer-facing online community, then odds are the community expert framework will meet your needs. It enables you to establish user reputation hierarchies by highlighting reputable [more…]

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