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How to Define Processes That Yield Insights for Your Social CRM

Social CRM is driven by customers having and driving the experience with your brand. As a brand representative, you aid in gaining insight and moving the conversation forward, and these customer interactions [more…]

The Path of the Social CRM Buyer

Some salespeople still need to be convinced that Social CRM adds value to their efforts. Try following the path of a consumer. Previously, salespeople conducted B2B sales in the same way as the generations [more…]

How to Establish a Sales Profile with Content for Social CRM

Sales profiles can e very useful for the Social CRM salesperson. A salesperson is most often required to use the collateral her company provides. Usually, she can use product sheets, white papers, and [more…]

The Social CRM Setup

Because social CRM is a nascent concept, it can be hard to get your arms around all the factors that affect customer service. To understand how social media has added a layer to CRM systems, look at it [more…]

Customer Touch Points for Your Social CRM Loyalty Program

To show customers that you’re available to hear them for your Social CRM, you want to be present at all your customer touch points — the channels where the brand interacts directly with customers. These [more…]

Ways Industries Use Business Gamification

Gamification refers to the use of game mechanics and rewards in a non-game setting to increase user engagement and drive desired user behaviors. Gamification in business is used to increase such things [more…]

Understanding Extrinsic Versus Intrinsic Motivators in Business Gamification

The more you know about what motivates your target audience, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to design a gamification system that drives their behavior in just the right way. [more…]

What Are Some Player Types in Business Gamification?

Although your gamification program won’t be an actual game, understanding the different types of game players is important, as is applying those specific player types to your business's customers and employees [more…]

How to Develop a Business Gamification Program

Interested in applying gamification to your business? If so, the first thing you need to recognize is gamification is a program, not just a project.

You can’t just apply gamification for three months and [more…]

How to Turn Valued Behaviors into Valuable Behaviors in Business Gamification

Behaviors are the foundation of all business gamification programs. It’s not enough to define your business objectives; you must determine which valuable user behaviors will drive them. [more…]

Gameplay Behaviors that Foster Customer Engagement in Business Gamification

Fostering customer engagement encompasses all the specific actions and behaviors performed by users on your gamification’s web and mobile offerings. Fostering engagement is objective numero uno for many [more…]

Gameplay Behaviors that Inspire Loyalty in Business Gamification Programs

Loyalty is a consumer’s affinity for a particular brand and willingness to purchase that brand rather than another. Loyalty and engagement are interrelated in gamification programs. That is, the more engaged [more…]

Gameplay Behaviors that Increase Customer Conversions in Business Gamification

A key part of increasing customer conversions — getting people to a transaction of some kind — is boosting engagement and loyalty with business gamification programs. After all, to sustain your organization [more…]

Gameplay Behaviors that Build Community in Business Gamification

The goal of many business gamicifcation sites is to build a community. It’s not enough to make profiles, user generated-content tools, and other social software available to users. You have to give gamers [more…]

How to Understand Points in Business Gamification Systems

Points help users know they’re in a gamified environment and that many of the small behaviors they take along the way are being recognized at a system level. Companies running gamification programs use [more…]

How to Weigh Points in a Business Gamification System

To really drive desired behaviors, game designers can weight points. Weighting points means awarding more points for those behaviors deemed more valuable or that require more effort in a gamification system [more…]

How to Identify Business Gamification Point Types

Business gamification efforts typically employ a few different types of points for gameplay. These include experience points, redeemable points, and karma points. Some designs use multiple point types. [more…]

Multiple Point Systems and Why to Use Them in Gamification

It may be that your gamification system will benefit from the use of a multiple point system. This system enables you to issue points for gameplay behaviors, directing them into different “buckets.” It [more…]

How Players Level Up in Gamified Systems

A gamified experience doesn’t employ levels in quite the same way as arcade games. If your goal is to gamify a web forum, players won’t, for example, suddenly see their whole screen change to offer a new [more…]

How to Work with Leaderboards in Gamification

The purpose of a leaderboard is to show players where they rank in a gamified system. Those at the top enjoy the notoriety it brings; as for everyone else, the leaderboard shows them where they stand relative [more…]

How to Use Missions, Challenges, and Quests in Business Gamification

Missions, challenges, and quests are essentially different words for the same thing in gamification. They require users to perform a prescribed set of gameplay actions, following a guided path of your [more…]

How to Use Activity Feeds and Notifications in Gamified Systems

One way to encourage player engagement is to broadcast well-written, helpful, engaging on-screen messaging in the form of real-time notifications within the gamification system and/or via e-mail when players [more…]

How to Define the Context of a Business Gamification System

The context of a game or gamification system is simply its implied set of rules and values. Although not technically a game mechanic, it does include the dimensions of the game and the reasons for playing [more…]

How to Employ Anti-Gameplay Mechanics in Gamification

You can rest assured that at least one bozo out there will try to game your gamification system — that is, attempt to cheat or to earn points by exploiting loopholes. [more…]

How to Implement Cool Downs in Gamification

Cool downs are one anti-gaming mechanism you can use to prevent users from gaming your gamification system — that is, attempt to cheat or to earn points by exploiting loopholes. [more…]

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