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Mine the Backchannel for Your Social CRM

The term backchannel refers to the stream of real-time comments when someone is giving a presentation. This can be another source of Social CRM content from a presentation. [more…]

Create Social CRM Content to Promote Purchases

It’s important to be aware of how much information the purchaser has before he gets on your Social CRM radar screen. Some say approximately 75 percent of customers research a product before buying. If [more…]

Become a Trusted Social CRM Advisor

A change in mindset is required for salespeople and advisors who want to utilize social CRM in their sales efforts. They need to think of themselves as both independent entities and as parts of the enterprise [more…]

Mobile Trends in Social CRM

It appears that mobile devices are a constant presence. It then makes sense that a successful Social CRM approach should prepare for this. Research from Microsoft Tag illustrates that Americans spend 2 [more…]

Social CRM: Small Business Depends on Mobile

It’s not surprising that small businesses have also embraced mobile devices and Social CRM. They don’t have to grapple with the many issues that face the mobile enterprise. [more…]

The New Social CRM Internal Ecosystem

Ecosystem collaboration can be defined as the Social CRM “new business reality.” Edelman Digital explains the new internal ecosystem as the new business reality and identifies the following three truths [more…]

Establish an Internal Social CRM Social Network

To boost the collaboration process and Social CRM success, many businesses have looked to internal social networks. Instead of using the power of social networking only to brand and market the business [more…]

Social Media and Social CRM Can Help You Gain Customers’ Trust

Consumers have continued to embrace social media and your business should recognize the value of thus for your Social CRM campaign. They feel that it’s a trusted source of information about a company. [more…]

Tools to Identify and Manage Relevant Social CRM Data

Information flows in many directions in Social CRM. It isn’t just companies shouting through a bullhorn to customers. Consumers engage brands on customer-preferred platforms, and then other customers, [more…]

How to Identify Your Sales Team’s Readiness to Leverage Social CRM

If you are considering embarking on a Social CRM strategy, one of the first things that you must do is assess your sales force’s readiness to adopt new tools and adapt to the new world. [more…]

How to Collaborate With the Customer for Social CRM

We know the new social customers expect to be heard — and their concerns acted upon. Even better, with Social CRM, you can collaborate with the customer to improve the experience. Some companies are known [more…]

The Power of Viral for Your Social CRM

Viral tweets, videos and posts have the power to bring corporate executives to their knees and is good for your Social CRM. If you think that’s an overstatement, think about the following viral customer [more…]

Top Ten Social CRM Enterprise-Level Solutions

Before deciding which Social CRM to go with for your brand, you might want to check out the top ten enterprise-level solutions. One of these may be ideal for you. [more…]

Top Ten Social CRM Customer Service-Centric Solutions

Social CRM is a function of the customer experience. Whether customers typically call into a customer support line or complain on Twitter, a successful customer service model is needed in order for any [more…]

Top Ten Social CRM Thought Leaders

The world of social CRM would be a much different place without the leadership and guidance of certain people. They are the preeminent thought leaders of social CRM and will continue to write, create, [more…]

Top Ten Small Business Social CRM Vendors

CRM isn’t only for the big dogs. Small- to mid-size businesses can also use it to manage, track, and build relationships with customers. This includes the social media world where small businesses can [more…]

Top Ten Cross-Channel Social CRM Marketing Vendors

Cross-channel marketing vendors can help you manage every form of marketing within your company, from small to large. In addition to the actual CRM, CRM software packages can also help you control, manage [more…]

The Business Advantages of Social CRM

“Being social” is and always will be a staple to the success of any Social CRM business. Whether you’re talking in the town square or attending a meeting at the local bank, you’re building relationships [more…]

The Personal Side of Social CRM

Marketing and Social CRM, as concepts, are built around the connection between two individuals — except for one difference. Marketing wants to use that same connection to build a relationship between a [more…]

The History of Social CRM

Social customer relationship management (CRM) became part of the business world when business leaders decided they needed a better way to manage their contacts and customers through software. The idea [more…]

Eight Essential Building Blocks of (Social) CRM

The year was 1995, and the research firm Gartner coined the first definition of CRM: “Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy with outcomes that optimize profitability, revenue, and customer [more…]

What is Social CRM?

There are many forms and definitions surrounding the idea of social CRM. The basic idea is that multiple business units interact using the social web (social media). You have the ability to overlay the [more…]

Does Business Gamification Really Work?

In short, yes, gamification works. That being said, gamification is not a panacea for your business woes. If your business or product is lousy, or if you're at the bottom of a dying industry, gamification [more…]

Use Location to Develop Social CRM Mobile Campaigns

Location figures prominently in the use of mobile devices and Social CRM. If a user is willing to share her location, an app can show her a variety of suggestions about what to do in her current location [more…]

How to Create a Customer-Centric Social CRM

Brian Vellmure, principal and cofounder of management consulting firm Initium, outlines his process for creating a customer-centric social CRM and the opportunities it presents. Social CRM is a five-step [more…]

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