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The Social CRM Organization

Today’s corporate leaders are faced with changes coming from all sides of the enterprise. To understand the needs of the changing social organization, you’ll find it helpful to look at the factors that [more…]

The Role of the Social CRM Employee

The Social CRM employee’s role has shifted in many cases from being behind the scenes to interacting directly with customers. Therefore, you need to consider new ways to help social employees succeed in [more…]

Value the Social CRM Employee

Looking at ways to value Social CRM employees instead of treating them strictly as cost centers has become a hot topic in this fluctuating economy. Employers began to realize that there is only so much [more…]

How to Create a Social Media Policy with the Customer in Mind

Before you construct new Social CRM policies from scratch or revise them, it’s helpful to figure out how your company is currently handling its social media engagement. Is the workflow dictated by upper [more…]

How to Deal with Social CRM Communication Crises

There are many Social CRM companies that have faced PR disasters and lived to tell the tale — for example, Comcast and its sleeping representative. Many of those disasters occurred when social media was [more…]

Contribute to the Social CRM Internal Knowledge Base

The purpose of a Social CRM knowledge base (KB) is to share information that’s already known to others in the organization or included by subject matter experts. When you provide a database of collected [more…]

Use SEO for Social CRM to Deflect Questions and Calls

When you read about the importance of SEO (search engine optimization) and optimizing content for Social CRM, you aren’t likely to see much information about its impact on customer service. That’s mainly [more…]

Different Types of Data for Social CRM

When determining what Social CRM data you want to corral, it’s important to keep in mind the different types of data and what they can teach you. Many businesses use historical data to take an educated [more…]

Combine Business Intelligence with Social CRM

Taking business data for Social CRM and turning into actionable knowledge is business intelligence (BI). It’s seeing your organization for what it really is and what it has the power to become by considering [more…]

Social CRM Data Collection and Reporting

Before you begin gathering and reporting Social CRM customer data, be sure you’re moving with purpose. Avoid wasting time and resources by targeting your data collection and reporting efforts. Ask these [more…]

How to Translate Social CRM Media Data into Metrics

When many people first think of Social CRM data and analytics, they think of quantitative results suited for spreadsheets, and they can yield powerful insights by analyzing quantitative factors. The number [more…]

Educate on Future Social CRM Technology

It is important that your brand prepares for educating for the future of Social CRM. Have you ever worked at a company and felt lost when it rolled out a new initiative or software development? It’s an [more…]

Prepare for the Future of Social CRM

You wouldn’t be doing due diligence to your brand if you didn’t prepare for the future of Social CRM. Traditional CRM aimed to gather essential data to move customers through a buying cycle and gain incremental [more…]

The Importance of Mobility and Embedded Technology for Social CRM

Mobile technologies speed up the rate at which people do just about everything. This is an important element to consider for your Social CRM. From a single handheld device, you can search the Internet, [more…]

How to Create a Persona for Social CRM

When you're targeting customers for Social CRM, it can be helpful to develop personas. This tactic has proven to aid salespeople in better understanding the customer. A persona is a representative of one [more…]

What to Include in Your Social Media Policy

All Social CRM companies need to understand the importance of revising media policy. Any corporate legal department staff will tell you that their most important mission is to save the corporation millions [more…]

How to Create Social CRM Content that Sells

In this social media environment, salespeople also find the need to create content to communicate with a wider audience. If they want to be seen as experts, the quality of the content they create is critical [more…]

Create Social CRM Relationships on LinkedIn

Social CRM is centered around the social media world, so try using LinkedIn to build relationships for your campaign. According to most surveys, LinkedIn [more…]

Review Big Brands for Your Social CRM

The major brands don’t get everything about social media right. However, there are some brands that really excel when it comes to your Social CRM and social customer service, and their customers let them [more…]

The Social Graph and Social CRM

The term social graph refers to the networks of connections among people. The theory is that all people in the world are connected by six degrees. Understanding what the social graph is and how it’s plotted [more…]

The Social CRM Mobile Enterprise

Mobile device use has a strong hold on the enterprise and should be considered for your Social CRM. Your company must become mobile friendly because both your customers and employees already embrace it [more…]

Transition from Brand Speak to Social CRM Conversations

If you’re a seasoned marketer, you’re more than familiar with brand speak, but maybe not so familiar with Social CRM conversations. For those less familiar with the term, [more…]

Tips to Build a Social CRM Team

Before drawing out a plan on paper, take stock of what you have available to dedicate to implementing a social CRM team. What resources — such as personnel, budget, and existing technologies — do you have [more…]

Social CRM: Product Promotion with Slide Shows

We’ve all experienced what some people refer to as death by PowerPoint, but have you considered the value of sharing your Social CRM presentations on a slide sharing site? Sharing your presentations gives [more…]

Social CRM: Product Promotion with E-Books

E-Books can be a real asset in your Social CRM strategy. It seems like everyone is reading e-books. It’s a convenient way to package up your brand’s information and share it. Don’t be limited by the notion [more…]

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