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Body Language and Business Etiquette

Body language can make or break a deal. How you carry yourself when engaged in conversation is often as important as what you say. Body language is nonverbal, but it communicates volumes about you nonetheless [more…]

Selling Tips: Mastering the Meet and Greet

Your first meeting with a prospective client can set the entire tone for your relationship. Here are some guidelines to ensure that your relationship has a positive start: [more…]

E-Mail Etiquette on the Job

A couple years ago, e-mail surpassed postal mail as the highest-volume carrier of messages. Its popularity has been booming ever since and shows no signs of stopping. Though volumes have been written about [more…]

Making a Good First Impression in India

First impressions are important wherever you go, and business etiquette can change quickly as you move from country to country. The good news is that Indians welcome the opportunity to work with foreigners [more…]

Mingling Effectively at Company Gatherings

Believe it or not, mingling is a vitally important business skill. Mingling well demonstrates that you're a friendly, open, and engaged person who is interested in other people. Mingling poorly shows others [more…]

Religious Business Ceremonies in India

Religion is a way of life in India, and religious business ceremonies are common occurrences. Everything a Hindu does is an act offered up to God, and emphasis is placed on the acts themselves, not rewards [more…]

Respecting Racial and Ethnic Differences on the Job

Stereotyping, ridiculing, demeaning, or insulting other people is always a mistake. In business, this behavior can be disastrous. Racial and ethnic differences can be especially complex, particularly in [more…]

Maintaining Proper Etiquette when You Visit Someone Else's Business

In the course of doing business, you'll likely have to visit other offices, warehouses, or showrooms in an official capacity. Whether you're buying parts, negotiating an advertising deal, or trying to [more…]

Doing Business in a Multicultural Environment

Along with the cultural diversity inherent in the global marketplace comes confusion about how to behave. People don’t always know how to interact with others from different ethnic and racial backgrounds [more…]

How to Master the Business Handshake

What is a proper handshake? In a business situation, you’re expected to offer a firm handshake to your business associate or client. A firm handshake with good eye contact communicates self-confidence. [more…]

Business Voicemail Etiquette

A voicemail message from your business's top client could make or break your business, so provide an appropriate greeting on your voicemail system and get back to the caller as soon as you can. When you [more…]

Conference Call Business Etiquette

Some conference calls, for smaller business groups, consist of several people calling in to a conference-call line at one participant’s business office. That person conferences everyone together by pressing [more…]

How to Organize a Business Lunch at a Restaurant

You can organize a business meal, especially a business lunch, to be both enjoyable and professional. Organizing a business lunch implies neither the informality of a breakfast meeting nor the formality [more…]

Making Sense of Business-Dinner Table Settings

The table settings for business dinners can range from a basic table setting to a complex formal-dining table setting. To get your business-dinner table manners up to par, you need to know what table-setting [more…]

How to Recognize Employee and Client Life Events

All employees and clients experience significant life events, and you should recognize those life events respectfully. Acknowledge these special times with employees and clients, taking into account each [more…]

Etiquette Concerns for European Business Trips

Behaving on a business trip in Europe depends on the part of Europe to which you travel. Some codes of business-trip behavior are shared across Europe: [more…]

Etiquette Concerns for African Business Trips

Parts of Africa have seen tremendous business growth, so you may have an African business trip in your future. Africa is so huge, so diverse, so complicated, and so rich that almost nothing can be said [more…]

How to Make a South African Business Trip Successful

South Africa is the economic hub of Africa, so Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, or Bloemfontein might be one of your business travel destinations. Going on a South African business trip means you need [more…]

How to Conduct Yourself on a Business Trip to the Middle East

In the Middle East, religion plays a significant role, which can have a great impact on your business-trip conduct. Middle East business-trip behavior depends on the country you visit, but here are some [more…]

How to Make a Good Impression on a Business Trip to India

When you take a business trip to such a complex, diverse country as India, consider certain important factors in Indian culture when you’re doing business — among them regionalism, religion, language, [more…]

Watching Your Manners on a Business Trip to China

On a business trip to China, you must deal with language, cultural, and political differences. For a successful Chinese business trip, try to understand and respect Chinese culture while building a relationship [more…]

How to Act with Dignity on a Business Trip to Japan

In Japan, the customs are so strict that a simple mistake on a Japanese business trip can cost you not only the deal, but also your dignity. Japan's major religion is Shinto [more…]

Understanding Business Etiquette in Australia and New Zealand

A business trip to Australia or New Zealand means you need to realize that Australia and New Zealand are distinct countries. An Australian business trip will be casual, like the country. New Zealand, on [more…]

How to Behave on a Business Trip to Latin America

On a business trip to Latin America, remember that Latin American men are in business, and women stay home with the family. A business trip in many locations in Latin America can be jarring, especially [more…]

How to Master the Art of Small Talk

Small talk is designed to give people a chance to network, creating a bridge to conversations about opportunities. When aiming to network, small talk puts people at ease, draws them into conversation, [more…]


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