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Robert's Rules for Incidental Motions

Robert’s Rules takes into account the need for members to make decisions — to insist on strictly following the rules, to relax the rules for a special reason, or to decide to handle something in a particular [more…]

Robert's Rules and the Motion to Suspend the Rules

The motion to Suspend the Rules is often used in conjunction with the motion to do whatever you’re trying to do that’s against your rules.

Suppose you want to have a professional parliamentarian preside [more…]

Robert's Rules and Division of the Question

You can use the incidental motion Division of the Question when a single motion is made that proposes several different actions, each of which could stand alone as a separate motion. [more…]

Robert's Rules and Your Voting Rights

As a member of an organization, you have a right to vote on motions under consideration according to Robert's Rules and basic good practice. Voting is a right that comes with some responsibilities, as [more…]

Robert's Rules for Presiding over a Debate

If you're a presiding officer, your leadership skills and knowledge of Robert's Rules are clearly on display when you're chairing a meeting during the consideration of a motion that sparks a lot of debate [more…]

Business Etiquette when Traveling Abroad

Observe every courtesy when you're on business travel abroad. The social blunders you may commit while working in a culture unlike your own could cost both you and your company business and relationships [more…]

How to Shake Hands in a Business Setting

In business etiquette, handshakes are the physical greetings that go along with your words. Remember that business handshakes are an important part of the first impression you make. [more…]

The Etiquette of Giving Business Gifts

Gift-giving is such a thorny issue in business that most organizations have explicit rules governing the practice. Know the etiquette of giving business gifts to prevent any misunderstanding. Here are [more…]

Business Etiquette For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Business etiquette is vitally important for representing your company in the best manner possible. Having excellent business manners means two things above all else: respecting others, and treating people [more…]


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