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How to Use Founding Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

You as an individual have a founding story and so does the business that you’re a part of. It’s not unusual for these stories of origin to morph over time as you or your firm evolves. [more…]

How to Use “What We Stand For” Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

What we stand for stories are about core values of a business and the work ethics that surround them. These stories relay non-negotiable principles that guide how you or the organization choose to lead [more…]

How to Use Stories of Your Future to Enhance Your Business Brand

An organization’s future story is the story of the future that you and your business’s customers, by being in relationship with each other, create to bring about a difference in the world. It’s a story [more…]

How to Use Success Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

The good news is, everyone has success stories to tell (and most businesses do, too). These appear to be the most prevalent type of stories found in hip pockets. Quite often success stories are authored [more…]

How to Use Memorable Customer Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

Everyone has stories of situations where they’re an in-person or online customer of a business. They’re also often in situations where others are our customers, whether they’re internal or external to [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Basics of Brands

Name recognition goes a long way; just ask the politicians. All public relations (PR) for your bar is good PR (unless the health department is involved, of course). So get your name out there in front [more…]


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