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7 Signs That Your Brand May Need an Update

Times change, businesses change, consumer interests change, culture changes, and sometimes brands need to change, too. If your brand faces one or more of the events in the following list your brand strength [more…]

The Branding Process in 8 Steps

Branding is the process that aligns the opinions people hold about your brand with the set of thoughts you want them believe and trust. As you develop your brand, follow these steps, in this order: [more…]

3 Rules of Branding

By following a few simple rules, you can successfully brand your small business. As you plan, launch, and manage your branding program, remember and train others to remember these three branding rules: [more…]

Attributes of a Good Brand Name

Naming your brand is by far the most challenging, momentous, and necessary phase in the process of branding. However, coming up with a good brand name can be tricky. The following list presents qualities [more…]

Economic Benefits of a Strong Brand

Great brands create consumer trust and emotional attachments. As a result, they foster relationships between consumers and products that lead to the following valuable benefits: [more…]

Branding For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A brand is so much more than a pretty logo. To win loyal customers, you need to develop a story that represents the quality and character of your organization or product. By then telling that story consistently [more…]

Finding Your Marketplace Position: The Birthplace of Your Brand

To get through the noise and clutter of today’s marketplace, you have to win a competitive position with your brand in consumer minds by presenting your offering as unique and different in a way that truly [more…]

6 Keys to Successful Brand Communications

Whether you communicate your brand message primarily in person, via social media, through publicity, or using online or traditional media ads, the following points are key to your success: [more…]

4 Tips to Generate Brand Passion

The anonymous line “It’s never crowded on the extra mile” could have been written as a brand-building adage. The extra mile remains open territory for brand owners who are willing to double their service [more…]

Planning to Protect and Defend Your Brand

To fortify your brand from attack by competitors and to protect it from damage resulting from misuse or mismanagement, be prepared to take these essential steps: [more…]

10 Traits of the World’s Most Valuable Brands

Each year, Interbrand, a global branding consultancy, produces a ranking of the best global brands by value. The 2013 report concluded that the following brands were the most valuable in the world: [more…]


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