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Your Personal Brand and Potential Employers

If you have a clear idea about what you want in an employer, you are much more likely to get it. Use your personal brand to help you focus on potential employers. [more…]

Define Your Audience for Your Personal Brand

Before you can communicate your personal brand to the right people, you must identify who needs to know about you and what you have to offer. They are the people and companies that are just waiting to [more…]

The ACE Method for Targeting Your Audience

The ACE method is a great tool for using your personal brand in job searches and identifying potential employers and customers. Here are the steps it entails: [more…]

Target Future Customers with Your Personal Brand

One great thing to do to target future customers with your personal brand is to list the qualities that you would like in your ideal client. To find your target audience, you then need to add some specific [more…]

Identify What Matters to Your Personal Brand

Identifying what matters to you and your personal brand sounds like an easy task, but most people don’t think very much about it. You probably go about your daily life making split-second choices [more…]

Research Your Personal Brand's Target Audience

Spend some time identifying your target audience for your personal brand. Information is power, and a well-researched target list will give you the confidence to move forward in reaching out to the people [more…]

Reach Out to Your Target Market with Your Personal Brand

In your target market research, you find the people who want the attributes you’ve got. And when you’re pursuing your target audience (such as an employer or customer), you need to be sure to highlight [more…]

Develop a Target Market Positioning Statement

Try a hand at writing your own positioning statement for your personal brand. Your statement gathers information from the research you have done on your target market and asks you to think about how you [more…]

Define Your Personal Brand Values

Values help you establish your sense of purpose and direction for your personal brand. They act as guideposts that assist you in evaluating choices in your life. [more…]

Your Personal Brand and Your Passions

Your interests or passions are things that motivate you to devote energy to them, and you should use them when defining your personal brand. They determine how you want to spend your time. Your interests [more…]

What Passions Fit with Your Personal Brand?

Here is an exercise to help you think about your key interests in order to fit them into your personal brand. Ask yourself these past, present, and future questions to explore what you love to do: [more…]

Know How Your Personal Brand Relates to Your Market

You market your personal brand to a target audience — such as, potential employers, community groups, or your current boss — so that your brand has a specific direction. After you define and research your [more…]

Protect Your Small Business Market Position

Market positioning involves figuring out the niche your business is designed to fill, and then filling that market position so well that people have no reason to allow any other business into the space [more…]

Review Big Brands for Your Social CRM

The major brands don’t get everything about social media right. However, there are some brands that really excel when it comes to your Social CRM and social customer service, and their customers let them [more…]

Find the Target Market for Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

The target market for your micro-entrepreneurial business is the people whom you specifically choose to communicate to about what you have to offer. To start figuring out who your target market is, first [more…]

Research the Target Market of Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

To zero in on the target market for your micro-entrepreneurial business, you should research and discover as much about that target market as you can. To do so, ask yourself some important questions about [more…]

Explore Where to Reach the Target Market of Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

Identifying the target market for your micro-entrepreneurial business allows you to focus your marketing efforts. After you figure out who your target market is however, you need to learn where to find [more…]

How to Use “What We Do” Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

What you do. What I do. What we do. All are important business stories to have in your hip pocket for those moments when you’re asked about them. [more…]

How to Use “Overcoming Barriers” Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

Why do some people persevere and others give up? What is it that makes some businesses or organizations succeed against all odds? These are stories of overcoming barriers and obstacles. People love to [more…]

How to Use Founding Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

You as an individual have a founding story and so does the business that you’re a part of. It’s not unusual for these stories of origin to morph over time as you or your firm evolves. [more…]

How to Use “What We Stand For” Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

What we stand for stories are about core values of a business and the work ethics that surround them. These stories relay non-negotiable principles that guide how you or the organization choose to lead [more…]

How to Use Stories of Your Future to Enhance Your Business Brand

An organization’s future story is the story of the future that you and your business’s customers, by being in relationship with each other, create to bring about a difference in the world. It’s a story [more…]

How to Use Success Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

The good news is, everyone has success stories to tell (and most businesses do, too). These appear to be the most prevalent type of stories found in hip pockets. Quite often success stories are authored [more…]

How to Use Memorable Customer Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

Everyone has stories of situations where they’re an in-person or online customer of a business. They’re also often in situations where others are our customers, whether they’re internal or external to [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Basics of Brands

Name recognition goes a long way; just ask the politicians. All public relations (PR) for your bar is good PR (unless the health department is involved, of course). So get your name out there in front [more…]

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