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Write an Effective Design Brief for Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand identity system provides a powerful layer of communication for your brand. When well executed, it can help to create a strong first impression that compels your target audience to want [more…]

Design Your Personal Logo

Personal branding is about making connections, and the logo you choose should connect with your audience. A logo creates awareness. It can be a symbol, text, a graphic, or a combination of these things [more…]

Choose Fonts for Your Personal Brand

Your personal font is very much like your personal handwriting. The typeface you choose for your written materials (including your online materials) makes a strong impression — an impression that occurs [more…]

Create a Color Palette for Your Personal Brand

Color sends a powerful message and is key to representing your personal brand. Your brand color is the most important element of your visual brand identity. People remember color because it stirs up emotions [more…]

Build Your Personal Brand into Marketing Materials

Your brand identity is carried through all of the items that your target audience touches. It incorporates your logo, fonts, colors, and images into one look and feel. Each item should reinforce the unique [more…]

Apply Your Visual Brand Online and with Media

Your online look is as important as the look of the hard copy materials that you create. You’ll be carrying a consistent theme from the printed materials through to your online visual identity, although [more…]

Tips for Continuing Your Personal Brand Online

Branding is how you can distinguish yourself by creating an image and reputation that set you apart; build trust among the people you want to serve; and represent the true, authentic you. [more…]

How Much Appearances Matter for Your Personal Brand

Appearances are part of your personal brand. Dress the part you want to play, pay attention to your mannerisms, and if you suspect that something in your visual presentation may be off-putting to your [more…]

Career Dressing for Men

Your personal image is a culmination of what you say, how you say it, your actions, body language, grooming, and the way you dress. Your image is all the ways in which you present yourself. [more…]

Career Dressing for Women

Here are suggestions to emphasize a polished branded look for a woman’s wardrobe. Regardless of your shape or height, these are the basic rules of being well-dressed. [more…]

Align Your Personal Style with Your Work Goals

After you define your personal style, you need to consider what works and what doesn’t work for your company, your desired position, and your personal goals so that you can harmoniously and authentically [more…]

Get Your Body Language on Message

Try to live by the axiom that actions speak louder than words, including when thinking about your personal brand. Your actions and how you conduct the tasks of the day give others insight into who you [more…]

A Sample Communications Plan to Establish Your Personal Brand

After you write your goals for your personal brand, and the details of how you plan to achieve them, you should create a communications plan that looks similar to the one presented here. [more…]

Establish Yourself as an Expert

Being known as an expert provides credibility to your personal brand. Expertise establishes why people will initially want to engage with you and why they will think of you, and your brand, to solve their [more…]

Ten Questions to Answer before Choosing a Small Business Name

In a customer’s mind, your business name is the key to your brand image. Choosing a business name can brand an image for your business that’s unique, memorable, appropriate, and likable. [more…]

Why Brands are Important to Small Businesses

Your small business brand is important because it represents a promise to your customers. Your small business brand is the mental image your customers form whenever they encounter your name or logo. Your [more…]

Develop a Powerful Small Business Brand

Developing a small business brand requires hard work, but the payoff is increased sales. Your small business may not have a globally recognized “power brand” simply because you don’t have the marketing [more…]

Improve Online First Impressions of Your Small Business

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so you must guard the online impression your small business makes. Online impressions are created through your small business website, Facebook [more…]

Define and Write Your Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement is a written-down reason for being and many believe it is the key to finding your path in life. A mission statement is focused on the practice of what you need to be doing. [more…]

How Your Personal Brand Helps You Compete

In personal branding, look at competition as a way of understanding where you fit, who else does the same type of work you do, and how you can better identify your uniqueness. If you understand these factors [more…]

Own Your Niche with Your Personal Brand

Owning your niche in your market, using your personal brand, means you are creating a mini-kingdom where you are the king or queen of a particular target market. When people think of that niche, they think [more…]

What's the Difference between a Niche and a Personal Brand?

Often the terms “personal brand” and “niche” are used interchangeably. But, are they really the same?

What are the search results when someone Googles your name or company name? Are those results about [more…]

Differentiate Your Personal Brand

At some point in the personal branding process, you want to do a thorough analysis of your competitors to see what they do well and what you can learn from their best practices. You want to look for opportunities [more…]

Who Are the Contenders for Your Target Market?

You may choose to define a very narrow niche, using your personal brand, so that you don’t have any competitors, or you may find that you want to band together with your competitors, creating a strong [more…]

How to Defend Your Personal Brand

The more successful you are with your personal brand, the more enemies you will have. Some people won’t like you just because you are doing well. The old expression “keep your friends close and your enemies [more…]


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