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Join Affiliate Networks and Programs as a Mom Blogger

An affiliate network is somewhat similar to an ad network. Almost all large e-commerce sites work with an affiliate network. Affiliate networks provide the online software to track all the traffic and [more…]

Apply to the Commission Junction Affiliate Network as a Mom Blogger

Getting started with affiliate marketing is remarkably easy. The basic process is to apply to join programs and post banners and text links after you’ve been accepted. Don’t apply to any affiliate program [more…]

Apply to Merchant Programs as a Mom Blogger

After you’re approved to become a publisher in an affiliate network, you need to apply to specific merchant programs in order to start adding links to your blog. While getting accepted into the affiliate [more…]

Track Affiliate Links to Improve Mom Blog Sales

A Sub-ID, SID, is a bit of text that you can add to most affiliate links that will be tracked throughout the sales process. As you start getting more established with using affiliate links, you’ll find [more…]

How to Turn Down Advertisers for Your Mom Blog

As a blogger, your personal brand and blog’s brand are your biggest assets and should be protected as though they’re gold, because they are. So it’s quite important for you to choose what advertisers you [more…]

Create Customized Sponsorships for Brands and Advertisers

Custom campaigns are just that: custom. Creating customized campaigns for advertisers can include social media outreach with Twitter and Facebook or creating special content for a particular advertiser [more…]

Target a Sponsor for Your Mom Blog's Custom Ad Campaign

When putting together a customized advertising campaign for your mom blog, you might want to go after a particular sponsor who has much to benefit from being a part of your campaign. Here are some thoughts [more…]

Participate in Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Your Mom Blog

You’re more likely to have an opportunity to participate in an existing social media campaign than you are to sell your own right off the bat. The best thing you can do for yourself to gain access to these [more…]

Your Mom Blog and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very similar to finding regular advertisers for your blog. The key difference is that with affiliate marketing, you get paid only when you refer a sale or lead to a merchant. Multimillion-dollar [more…]

Add a Standard Text-Ad Link to Your Mom Blog Post

Text links that are a standardized written ad created by the merchant generally point to the merchant’s home page or a category page. They aren’t quite as effective as product catalog links, but still [more…]

Add Affiliate Banner Links to Your Mom Blog

Affiliate banner ads generally get a 0.10-percent click through, as compared to a 1–5-percent click through for text links. Using affiliate banners while you’re trying to get paying advertisers is the [more…]

Add a Product Catalog Link to Your Mom Blog Post

It’s very easy to add affiliate links to your blog; it isn’t much different from adding any other text link or image to a blog post. Many merchants have a [more…]

How to Brand Your Dog Photography Business

Your business’s brand is its reputation, its identity, its presence in the world. Thousands of people work as pet photographers, and your brand is what sets you apart from the pack. Your brand is the tangible [more…]

Employee vs. Personal Branding Mindset on the Job

Personal branding experts agree that it is important to stand out: You need to be visible so that people know you have something unique to offer on the job. Standing out doesn’t mean that you don’t get [more…]

Ten Ways You Can Sink Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is more fragile than you may imagine. You need to be vigilant in maintaining the standards that you’ve set for your brand. All it takes is one major mistake, especially one that you [more…]

Ten Ways to Build a Strong Personal Brand

Everything that you do demonstrates your personal brand, from the way that you represent yourself online to how you treat people at the grocery store. Because a personal brand is built on your true self [more…]

Personal Branding for Women: Highlighting Strengths

Women want to be just as successful as men are, but often they want to succeed in a different way. The generalization goes that women (more than men) tend to embrace the desire to want to live more authentically [more…]

Personal Branding for Service Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Crafting your own personal brand allows you to show the world your best true self. It helps you align every part of your life with your characteristics, strengths, values, and goals. By doing so, you create [more…]

Reach Your Audience with Your Personal Brand

Determining the best ways to reach your audience begins with a review of who you are trying to reach. You need to express your personal brand to your target audience, which may include your peers, your [more…]

Set the Strategy for Your Personal Brand

Setting the strategy to guide your personal brand communication plan is like setting any good set of goals. You first want to think about the big picture of what you hope to accomplish in communicating [more…]

Refine Your Personal Brand

All strong brands boast the three Cs: Clarity, Consistency, and Constancy. These brands deliver on their brand promise every day with everything they do, and they are constantly visible to their target [more…]

Prepare a Personal or Business Press Release

A press release reports an event or situation that someone wants to promote. It’s designed to be sent to journalists (whether for print and online media sources) and encourage them to develop a story about [more…]

Create an Experience for Your Audience with Your Personal Brand

As you take your communications plan and your expertise into the world with your personal brand, you want to make sure that you allow for flexibility in your interactions with your target audience. [more…]

Attract Your Audience to a Profile Hub

A profile hub is any central source online — such as a website, blog site, or personal web page — that uses your personal brand to guide people who are interested in your services to the multiple paths [more…]

Set Up and Brand Your Website

A website or a blog site is the primary tool to highlight your brand online. If you’re in business for yourself, you won’t be taken seriously if you do not have a website. [more…]


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