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How to Package Your Business Product to Convey Your Brand

How you package the product that your business offers can help you convey your brand. When designing a product package around your brand, remember that a package is a combination of form and function: [more…]

Turning Your Business's Brand into a Cult Brand

Cult branding happens when consumers take brand passion to the nth degree. Your business brand becomes a cult brand when consumers adopt the brand as “theirs” rather than identifying it as “yours.” [more…]

How to Protect Your Business's Brand Equity

For as long as you own your business's brand, you must protect that brand's equity (meaning its value). While your business builds the equity of your brand, always monitor these four strategic areas to [more…]

How to Cobrand Your Business with Another Business

Cobrands capitalize on the benefits of two compatible brands that consumers can relate to. In consumers' minds, a cobrand can benefit both your business's brand and the brand with which you want to partner-up [more…]

How to License Your Business's Brand

Brand licensing is one way that businesses extend a brand, largely because brand licensing allows your business's brand to achieve new product introductions without gearing up operationally for the task [more…]

How to Determine When Your Brand Needs to Revitalize

Revitalize your brand, or consider revitalizing, when your business undergoes major change. Change your business's brand, either a little or a lot, if any of these events occur [more…]

How to Avoid Mistakes when Revitalizing Your Business's Brand

When you revitalize your brand to address current business and market realities, avoid these most common brand-revitalization mistakes and sail on toward branding success. Mistakes happen when you [more…]

How to Revitalize Your Business's Brand

You can start the revitalization process for your business's brand after determining which brand assets you should keep through the revitalization and which brand assets are dispensable. Then, it's time [more…]

Protecting Your Brand from Brand Equity Landmines

You need to protect your brand from image-destroying events. Otherwise, your brand can actually negatively impact your business's image. Most brand-damaging events fall into one of these categories [more…]

How to React to a Brand Image Crisis

Obviously, you want to avoid brand crises in the first place. Sometimes, though, bad things happen to good brands. If your brand undergoes a crisis, you need to be ready to launch into defensive action [more…]

How to Write Your Business's Image Style Guide

Well-branded businesses have rules, called style guidelines, about how their brand images may be used. Image style guidelines protect the consistency of your business image in the marketplace. [more…]

Tools for Tracking Your Brand on Twitter

Before you jump into actively marketing on Twitter, find conversations about your brand. These effective and easy-to-use tools can help you fidn out what people are tweeting about your brand: [more…]

Tips for Staying Competitive in the Restaurant Business

Don't let the allure of gourmet food and the dreams of adoring customers fool you into thinking that running a restaurant is easy. It's not. A restaurant is a business like any other, which means that [more…]

Restaurant Menu Lingo That Sells

The menu is the center of your restaurant's universe. The menu conveys the restaurant's overall concept to your customers and should express the passion and care that goes into the food you're serving. [more…]

Create a Mom Blog Page for Brand Representatives

A great way to lay out the welcome mat for brand representatives is to direct them to a page created just for them on your mom blog. You can call it your Press page or Brand Inquiries page, or whatever [more…]

Create Mom Blog Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

Give brand representatives a menu of what you offer as a blogger; you will make it easier to work with you than nearly every other blogger on the planet. [more…]

Build an Attractive Mom Blog Media Kit

You can create your media kit in any word-processing or presentation software. The best way to post the kit to your blog, though, is to convert it to the Web-friendly PDF format. [more…]

Protect Yourself and Respect Your Mom Blog Value

The diversity of the mom blogosphere makes it difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer to what is too little compensation for a blogger. Brands will respect your value as much as you respect your own [more…]

Negotiate a Respectable Rate for Mom Blog Services

Many people have a difficult time setting a fair price for the services they offer. Mom bloggers are particularly disadvantaged because what they offer isn’t a flat product or service. A freelance writer [more…]

Avoid Opportunities That Risk Your Blog's Reputation

When you associate your mom blog and your personal brand with a company product or brand, it is inevitable that you will both rub off on each other. Like it or not, you can and do become associated with [more…]

How Tax Laws Affect Mom Bloggers

Accepting free products constitutes income in terms of how the IRS defines income. Even if you are just mom blogging as a hobby, you still must claim the receipt of freebies as income. [more…]

Use Self-Promotion in Your Mom Blog Media Kit

The goal of a well-written media kit is to convince brand representatives and potential advertisers to work with you. The things you want to include are information about you and your blog, your traffic [more…]

When Mom Blogging for Swag Is Okay

In some legitimate circumstances you may feel that working for free is worth your time and the publicity you offer to a brand. It can be compared to taking on an unpaid internship. If you intern and get [more…]

How to Turn Down a Brand Representative's Pitch

Some mom bloggers are concerned about turning away opportunities to work with brands, lest they lose out on future opportunities. Yet there will most definitely be times when a brand or product is really [more…]

Examples of Affiliate Marketing Used Successfully for Mom Blogs

Writing authentic, truthful product reviews and recommendations is the most important talent a blogging affiliate marketer can have. Say you have a blog with good traffic, and you have a blog on which [more…]


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