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Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Marketing can boost sales and profits. Harness the energy of good marketing by focusing more tightly on the right prospects and by taking a creative approach to your marketing communications and strategies [more…]

3 Elements of Modern Marketing Success: Visibility, Credibility, and Distinctiveness

Anyone who’s taken a business course or read about marketing knows the four Ps: product, placement, pricing, and promotion (and people). Give each a little thought and you’ll grow and prosper. That was [more…]

Create a Blog to Boost Your Content-Based Marketing

Creating an online presence that offers free helpful content to those who are searching for it is a highly effective way to advertise your business. It needn’t cost you a dime, either! If you already have [more…]

3 Rules for Navigating the Marketing Jungle

The goal of the modern marketer is to cut through all the noise in today’s society and draw customers to their marketplace, be that a physical shop or an online store. The truth is, society is just larger [more…]

How to Measure Your Brand’s Credibility, Visibility, and Distinctiveness

Visibility, credibility, and distinctiveness are three crucial dimensions of modern brand positioning. So how is your brand performing in these three dimensions? You can find out by doing some simple surveys [more…]

10 Ways to Launch Guerilla Marketing Attacks

Guerilla marketing refers to the low-cost to no-cost techniques that use creativity and effort to increase impact and cut costs. Following are ten of the best techniques for guerilla marketing, in which [more…]

9 Ways to Survive Sales Downturns

The goal of marketing is steady growth, but rarely do things happen according to that ideal. Although you never really know the extent of a sales crisis until it happens, you can know how to handle it. [more…]

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