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Moving Leads through Sales Funnels with Email Marketing

If you are doing a ton of top-of-funnel lead-generation tactics, you are casting a wide net and introducing people to your company very early in the buying process. But after you have plenty of leads in [more…]

Lead Generation: Communicating through Email Marketing

Email marketing helps create personalized relationships with buyers over time. Without a focus on a middle-of-the-funnel strategy, many of your leads dry up and never become customers. Email marketing [more…]

Lead Generation through Email Marketing: Crafting Emails

How you present your emails is going to be what makes or breaks you in the world of email marketing. The more engaging your emails read and feel, the more likely you are to delight your leads and keep [more…]

Lead Generation through Email Marketing: Designing Emails

Visual design is an important component to creating an email that converts. What is good visual design? You want to not only include compelling images, but also make sure that your email is formatted properly [more…]

Lead Generation through Email Marketing: Keeping Emails Mobile-Friendly

According to digital marketing agency Knotice, 81 percent of people read emails on their mobile devices. However, MarketingSherpa reports that 58 percent of marketers are [more…]

Defining the Sales and Marketing Lead Path

Sales and marketing need to agree upon a methodology to determine what leads are qualified and what leads aren't. This is a critical element to successful sales and marketing alignment. You need to come [more…]

Forming an Inside Sales Team for Lead Generation

No lead can turn into a customer without the help of inside sales — they are your team on the front line and are often the first people to speak directly to a lead. [more…]

Lead Generation: What Is Lead Nurturing?

In sales and marketing, lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with qualified sales prospects regardless of their timing to buy. Your goal is to earn their business when they [more…]

5 Basic Lead-Nurturing Campaigns

Focus your lead-nurturing efforts on your existing database of sales leads. Just think about how much untapped revenue is in there right now! And consider how much money you have spent to get those leads [more…]

4 Tips for Nurturing Leads with a Multichannel Approach

A good lead-nurturing solution today includes capabilities to listen to your sales lead and respond across several different channels. Why? Your buyers circulate in multiple places. Whether they visit [more…]

How Lead Scoring Works when Ranking Leads

Lead scoring is a shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads in order to determine their sales-readiness. When scoring a lead, you can determine how closely the leads fit your buyer profile [more…]

Lead Scoring: Implicit versus Explicit Scoring

When marketers rank leads to determine the lead's sales-readiness, they use a method called lead scoring. Two types of lead scoring: explicit (fit) and implicit [more…]

Lead Scoring: Active versus Latent Buying Behavior

Lead scores are based on numerical values placed on factors such as active and latent buying behavior. When you're scoring a sales lead, you must understand the difference between the two buying behaviors [more…]

Creating a Scoring Model for Lead Generation

You're ready to create your lead scoring model after you've thought carefully about scoring and how to best apply it to your own lead database. At this stage, you go through all of your implicit and explicit [more…]

Basics of How to Test a Lead-Generation Campaign

All lead-generation campaigns need to be tested to make your campaigns better over time. By testing, you also gain insight into your programs — you'll know what's working and what isn't. [more…]

How to Use A/B Testing on Sales Leads

A/B tests are probably the most common type of test that a marketer runs. These are also called split tests, and they compare the conversion rates of two assets [more…]

Using Multivariate Testing on Sales Leads

When testing sales and marketing leads, consider multivariate testing, which is A/B testing's bigger (and more complicated) counterpart. A multivariate test can compare a much higher number of variables [more…]

3 Steps for Creating a Lead-Testing Process

Think of your lead-generation testing as a scientific process. It can be fun (and even exciting, at times) to test what really makes your audience tick. Everyone eventually decides on a testing process [more…]

4 Steps for Conducting a Lead-Generation Test

When you conduct a lead-generation generation test, you're investigating your hypothesis so you can prove or disprove your theory. There are many best practices to testing and many elements to think about [more…]

9 Factors to Check on Your Lead-Generation Test

When it comes to testing your leads, what parameters do you test for? It'll vary, but you're sure to come up with plenty. Need some ideas? Take a look at this handy list courtesy of Dan Siroker, CEO and [more…]

How to Design Lead-Generation Programs to Be Measurable

The best marketing plans are created with measurements in mind before the program has even been executed. And yes, all of your lead-generation programs are indeed measureable. Even the channels you might [more…]

Measure a Marketing Program by Tracking Your Investment

One of the first items you want to track and measure in your marketing programs is your investment. You want to think of marketing as an investment, not a cost. You don't want to be seen as a [more…]

Grow Your Business with Lead Generation

No matter the size of your business, you want it to grow. You need to reach your customers through different marketing channels — social media, search engines, your website, events, and more. By creating [more…]

5 Examples of Inbound Marketing that Generate Sales Leads

Inbound marketing tactics such as content marketing, social media, SEO, and website optimization are truly leading the pack when it comes to where marketers are spending their lead generation budgets. [more…]

7 Examples of Outbound Marketing that Generate Sales Leads

Inbound marketing is getting a lot of buzz; the key to successful lead generation is a well-rounded marketing mix. This includes both inbound and outbound marketing techniques. Through [more…]


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