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Familiarize Yourself with Lead Generation Terms

When you're getting started with lead generation, you should familiarize yourself with a variety of basic terms. Here is a glossary of some basic lead generation and sales terms and definitions for your [more…]

8 Useful — and Free — Lead-Generation Applications

Many applications and websites are available to test your lead generation techniques and strategies. From determining how to test a landing page, to seeing how your emails look on various devices, to seeing [more…]

Best Practices for Enabling Your Sales Teams

Your sales team is a key part of your lead-generation strategy. The sales reps are the first human touch that your leads will have with your company, so make sure that your reps understand your messaging [more…]

How to Make Your E-Mails Hit the Inbox: Deliverability Lessons

There is a lot of noise out there in today’s consumer's inbox. Your good reputation as a sender is critical to your e-mails actually making it into the inbox. The content of your e-mails is important too [more…]

Top Social Media Metrics to Watch

Using social media for lead generation is an absolute must, but the problem is that many marketers have no idea how to track a return on investment (ROI) of their efforts. How should you think about tracking [more…]

Top 10 Lead-Generation Blogs

Due to the fast-moving technology landscape, best practices for marketing and lead generation change constantly. Keeping up with top lead-generation blogs is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest [more…]

12 Steps to Creating a Lead Generation Content Piece from Start to Finish

A critical part of developing a lead generation strategy that rocks is creating content to fuel your sales campaigns. But creating a content piece can be hard. Using an ebook as an example, here are the [more…]

Lead Generation through Social Media: Sharing Content

Social media gives businesses the perfect platform to share their expertise in a personal, human way. And because the nature of social media lends itself well to content sharing, you can get access to [more…]

Lead Generation through Social Media: Getting the Most out of Facebook

Many marketers dismiss Facebook due to its perceived reputation as a personal social network. And although it may be true that Facebook is used to connect with family and friends, businesses can also tap [more…]

Lead Generation through Facebook: Understanding Engagement

When it comes to Facebook marketing, you can pay attention to two metrics in order to determine how effective your content is: the engagement rate and the People Talking About This rating. [more…]

Lead Generation through Facebook: Promoting Ads

Facebook ads provide highly targeted opportunities to reach your audience. On Facebook, your ads show up on the right side of the News Feed, making them highly visible. Facebook ads are similar to traditional [more…]

Lead Generation through Facebook: Tracking Your Results

Facebook provides great analytics through their Page Insights. There you can track engagement and ad performance directly in their dashboard. Your Facebook Page Insights dashboard and Admin panel appear [more…]

Lead Generation through Social Media: Leveraging Twitter

Companies that don't have a Twitter strategy and a lead-generation plan are missing out on a huge opportunity. Twitter, which has more than 200 million active users, is a vibrant community where businesses [more…]

Lead Generation through Twitter: Promoted Tweets, Accounts, and Trends

Twitter allows you to place promoted tweets in timelines targeted to followers and users who are similar to your followers. These are very similar to Promoted Posts on Facebook. You can take one of your [more…]

Lead Generation through Twitter: Tracking Your Results

A key to using Twitter as a part of your social media lead-generation strategy is making sure that your results are trackable. If you have a marketing automation tool, you can build landing pages and specialized [more…]

Lead Generation through Social Media: Engaging Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains the largest professional network with more than 161 million members in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn is perfect for networking and influencer-building opportunities. What’s more, most [more…]

Lead Generation through LinkedIn

In the past, it was difficult to tie social media to lead generation, but today's social strategy includes specific tactics for generating leads through social channels. With 60 percent of business-to-business [more…]

Defining Your SEO Measurements and Analytics for Lead Generation

In order to appear on the first page of Google so that leads can find your company immediately, your website needs strong search engine optimization (SEO). Not all companies garner immediate name recognition [more…]

SEO for Lead Generation: Knowing Your Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of lead generation because it makes your site more visible to potential leads. Without good SEO, you risk never being found. [more…]

SEO for Lead Generation: Choosing Your Keywords

The first step to creating your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is to choose your keywords. Ask yourself what you want to rank for. This can be answered after asking yourself and your team a [more…]

Accomplishing Your Lead Generation Goals with Content Syndication

You have to reach your buyers where they are, and they won’t always be on your website or yourchannels. So how do you reach them? Content syndication is a great option to spread the reach of your content [more…]

Lead-Generation Strategies: Making Direct Mail Work for You

The key to effective direct mail is approaching it in the right way and integrating it with other outbound and inbound lead-generation strategies to make it part of a full campaign. In fact, direct mail [more…]

Lead-Generation Strategies: Direct Mail Creative Execution

The key to a successful direct mail campaign is creative execution: in other words, what your direct mailer looks like. Think outside of the box for your direct mail pieces, have an eye-catching design [more…]

Lead-Generation Strategies: Leading Through Webinars

Webinars are a splendid way to generate new leads, as well as nurture leads that are already in your database. Webinars are delivered via the web and can happen in real time or on-demand, by viewing a [more…]

Lead Generation through Webinars: Setting Up Your Event

To attract new leads or close deals, webinars need to be well coordinated so you can plan them in conjunction with your other programs. Plan events far in advance so you can send out promotions and follow-ups [more…]


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