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How to Use Technology to Customize Communications in Data Driven Marketing

It used to be that printing your customer’s name in the salutation line of a letter using data driven marketing was considered personalization. Those days are long gone. Your ability to customize and personalize [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing Images in Your Messages

A standard rule of thumb in direct data driven marketing is that the copy in a communication is what sells, not the images. The offer and the call to action need to be explicitly stated. But that’s not [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing Customer Profiles to Craft Messages

To be effective, you need to clearly define the goal of your data driven marketing campaign. That goal needs to be specific. But usually it’s not so specific that it’s limited to a particular product. [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing with Customer Data and Search Engines

When it comes to using data driven marketing analytics to serve up web content, search engine sites are at the top of the heap. This is their bread and butter. Many of the browsing sessions initiated on [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Deal with Spam

Because data driven marketing mass mailings through e-mail are so inexpensive, these campaigns don’t need to have very high response rates to generate sales. It was this fact that led inevitably to the [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Effectively Collect E-Mail

You will no doubt want to send e-mails as part of your traditional data driven direct-marketing campaigns. They are very effective as follow-up reminders to special offers that you may mail out, for example [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Track E-Mail Effectiveness

It’s important for data driven marketing campaigns to have a clear call to action. You need to communicate exactly what you want them to do. In the case of e-mail campaigns, you typically direct the customer [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Customize Your Website

Your web page is an ideal place to personalize and customize content and messages to your customers’ preferences and needs using data driven marketing. Whether the user is logged in or not, you have a [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Recognize Customers Online

Data driven marketing can be used to recognize customers online. In a perfect world, every time a customer visited your website, they would log in and therefore identify themselves. But you know from your [more…]

When You Should Skip the Data Driven Marketing Control Group

There are times when you’ll be forced to abandon the idea of a measurement strategy using control groups for your database marketing campaigns. Despite your best intentions, there are situations in which [more…]

How to Figure Costs for Your Data Driven Marketing Campaign

When evaluating your data driven marketing campaigns, you obviously need to understand their costs. In fact, you need to understand costs even before you execute your campaigns. You have a limited budget [more…]

How to Use Control Groups to Assign Value to Your Data Driven Marketing Campaigns

The key component of the data driven marketing experiment is your control group. You’ve held out a random sample of your target audience from your communication. You’ve executed the campaign and collected [more…]

How to Create Response Scores for Data Driven Marketing

A common approach to modeling data driven marketing campaign responses is to try to estimate the probability of getting a response based on your predictor variables. This technique generally uses a procedure [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing Results to Know Where to Advertise

Your overall marketing presence is most effective if it’s coordinated. Using your data driven marketing results is a good way to coordinate those efforts. You want your company and brand to show a consistent [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing Results to Price Your Product

Determining how to price your products is partly an exercise in basic accounting, but it can be helped by data driven marketing. How much does it cost to produce a product, and what is a reasonable profit [more…]

Legal Issues that Arise with Data Driven Marketing Campaigns

Believe it or not, you’ll occasionally run across situations where someone in the legal community will take an interest in your data driven marketing customer data. Usually when this happens, your legal [more…]

11 Ways to Capture Customer Data for Your Data Driven Marketing Campaign

There are some ways you can increase the amount of customer data in your data driven marketing database. When evaluating which of these techniques you might want to employ, stay focused on how you plan [more…]

Choose the Right Infographic and Chart Type

The ultimate goal of an infographic is to make complex ideas simple. Therefore, make sure that the information is displayed in the clearest, most accurate way possible. Here’s the best way to use some [more…]

Find Infographic Data and Statistics

Infographics are much more than pretty pictures. The stronger the statistics and data, the better the finished infographic will be. Here are a few websites specializing in topics and numbers an infographic [more…]

Basic Infographic Design Tools

Infographic designers have some basic tools — from design software to online sites and services — that help them create effective infographics. Here are some basic needs for any infographic design toolbox [more…]

Attract an Audience to an Infographic

When not creating an infographic for a specific client, finding an audience for the infographic is up to the infographic designer or design house. Here are a few ways to make sure an infographic attracts [more…]

Infographics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Infographics present complex information, data, or knowledge quickly and clearly. Found in print material and online, infographics use a variety of approaches to convey meaningful information. A number [more…]


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