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How to Focus on the Customer with Data Driven Marketing

Everything you do as a database marketer employing data driven marketing depends on understanding your customers. This in turn depends on having clean and accurate customer information. Customer databases [more…]

How to Conduct a Data Driven Database Marketing Campaign

Data driven database marketing campaigns all have the same basic structure. That structure revolves around the customer. As you develop your campaigns, you’ll be using customer data to answer four basic [more…]

How to Analyze Customer Data for Data Driven Marketing

Much of analyzing customer data in data driven marketing requires some advanced knowledge of mathematics and statistics. There are pitfalls to look out for and how to evaluate the results of advanced analysis [more…]

Data Driven Database Marketing Campaigns

Database marketing campaigns are communications that are intended to get your customers to do something specific, like buy a widget. Often, these campaigns are designed to address a specific business opportunity [more…]

How to Identify Your Target Audience with Data Driven Marketing

Even if you were so inclined, you probably can’t afford to mail everyone in your database. You want to focus your data driven marketing efforts on those who are likely to buy. Your database has a good [more…]

How to Craft Your Data Driven Marketing Offer

Your database probably has little to say about this component of your data driven marketing campaign. Often what you are promoting and the discount, if any, are already defined by the time you are asked [more…]

How to Use Data to Tailor Your Marketing Message

You spent a great deal of time and effort understanding and selecting your target audience using data driven marketing. You can use that insight in crafting a message that resonates with your customer. [more…]

How to Time Your Message with Data Driven Marketing

When you send your message depends on a couple of different factors with data driven marketing. Seasonality is a big one. You want to be marketing products to your customers when they actually need them [more…]

How to Effectively Use Databases in Data Driven Marketing

Data driven marketing campaigns are rarely done in a vacuum. Your company has data driven marketing campaigns on TV and radio and in magazines and various other places. Each of these campaigns has an audience [more…]

How to Make Your Data Driven Marketing Campaigns More Sophisticated

Data driven marketing is more than a simple mail drop. You actually have a great deal more flexibility in how you structure your campaign when using data driven marketing. A campaign can have several stages [more…]

How a Data Driven Marketing Database is Different than an Operational Database

As a database driven marketer, you should know that your operational systems are not designed to answer the kind of questions that you are asking. Your accounting department, for example, could quickly [more…]

What’s in a Data Driven Marketing Database?

The specific data that comes from a data driven marketing database that best suits your needs is highly dependent on both your business and your systems environment. But there are some categories of data [more…]

How to Organize a Data Driven Marketing Database

Connecting data driven marketing information to a customer is not always easy. Sometimes it’s impossible. Often, customer information isn’t stored in your operational systems. If you work for a bank, this [more…]

How to Build the Customer Record in a Data Driven Marketing Database

The customer is the star of the show and you need to make sure customer information is in a data driven marketing database. At the most basic level, a customer is usually defined by a name and an address [more…]

What is Householding in Data Driven Marketing?

Understanding a customer’s household is a critical component of your data driven marketing efforts. Grouping customers together into “family units” is known as [more…]

How to Grow Your Data Driven Marketing Customer Base

Your data driven marketing database is about your customers — not just your current customers, but also your potential customers, otherwise known as prospects. [more…]

How to Respect Your Data Driven Marketing Customers’ Privacy

In data driven marketing, everyone is concerned to some extent about keeping their personal data personal. Identity theft is a potential nightmare lurking out there for all of us. You wouldn’t think of [more…]

How to Share Customer Data in Data Driven Marketing

There are a variety of reasons why you may consider sharing customer data with third parties. When deciding what data driven marketing information to share with whom, you need to be aware that consumers [more…]

How to Keep Your Customer Informed with Data Driven Marketing

Respecting your customer’s privacy in data driven marketing is about more than just data security. It’s also about transparency. You need to communicate with your customer about how you collect and secure [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Contact Your Customers by Mail

The whole point behind data driven marketing is to enable you to contact your customers, but there are a variety of ways of doing this. Traditional mail using the USPS is always an option. There are certainly [more…]

How to Use E-Mail for Data Driven Marketing

The single biggest advantage of communicating using data driving marketing with your customers via e-mail is that it is inexpensive. In fact it is dirt cheap. You will frequently need to pare back snail [more…]

How to Use Text Messaging for Data Driven Marketing

Though not quite as inexpensive as e-mail, text messaging for data driven marketing shares the timing and quick turnaround advantages of e-mail. But the biggest advantage is that text messages tend to [more…]

How to Use the Phone for Data Driven Marketing

Using the phone for data driven marketing is different than sales. The practice of making calls to potential customers is frequently called outbound telemarketing. [more…]

How to Give Data Driven Marketing Customers the Option to Opt Out

It’s important to allow customers to opt out of receiving information from you when using data driven marketing. Your customers have varying levels of tolerance for marketing communications. This tolerance [more…]

How to Use Customer Preferences in Data Driven Marketing

It’s important to understand customer preferences in data driven marketing. A customer who has told you not to talk to them is probably not the best person to communicate with. But a customer who has told [more…]


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