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Data Driven Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Data driven marketing, or database marketing, as it’s often called, is successful to the extent that the data itself is good and that you use it to its fullest extent. The basis for all your campaigns [more…]

Dealing with Quality Issues in Your Customer-Related Data

As you dig into your customer data to build marketing campaigns or to look for insights into your customer base, you’ll inevitably be confronted with poor data quality, sometimes called [more…]

Designing Marketing Surveys

Even if you have the most extensive and accurate customer database in the world, it can’t tell you everything you might want to know about your customers. To answer some questions, you need to actually [more…]

The Importance of Web Analytics to Online Marketing

Your e-mail service provider can provide a number of metrics to help you track the success of your e-mail marketing campaigns. But Internet marketing is about much more than just e-mail. Customers may [more…]

10 Steps to a Successful Database Marketing Campaign

Preparation is the key to successful database marketing campaigns. This article talks about the core functions you need to address prior to executing your marketing communication. Though the details may [more…]

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