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White Papers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

White papers are the “king of content” that can help any B2B company build mindshare, generate leads, engage prospects, and undercut competitors. But to get powerful results, you need to use white papers [more…]

Define a Brand Blog for Social CRM

Blogs play an important role in your social CRM. They are part of the conversation that you need to integrate into your system to ensure that you’re interacting with your customers. [more…]

The Role of Social Media in Social CRM

Customers, and social media, more now than ever, influence Social CRM and the way that companies conduct business. Customers don’t run your business but they do determine how you engage them. Listening [more…]

Social CRM Fundamentals

The definition of social CRM is complete only if you consider the fundamental elements of a successful social CRM strategy. Social CRM includes two main elements: influence and community. [more…]

Social Versus Traditional CRM

There are some key differences between traditional and social CRM. Social CRM is a strategy. It’s a philosophy, not just software and technologies to gather and manage customer data, though such technologies [more…]

Top 5 Challenges of Social CRM

One of the biggest challenges in social CRM is the speed at which new technology, communication channels, and customers adapt to each other. Social CRM is a major shift in the way companies perceive and [more…]

Prioritize Activities and Resources for Social CRM

In order to build a sustainable and scalable social CRM program, you must prioritize activities with dedicated resources in mind. We’ve talked a lot about the philosophy of social CRM, social business, [more…]

Strategies to Establish Your Social CRM Goals

Even though you’ll see social CRM’s benefits over time, not overnight, you should still establish goals for a long-term strategy. Here’s the main question: Why do you want a social media and social CRM [more…]

How Customer Habits Play into Your Social CRM Strategy

In order to create a successful CRM strategy, you need to know that habits of your customers. Many businesses have been merely reacting to the phenomenon of customers gaining control of the marketplace [more…]

How to Influence the Customer with Social CRM

In order to influence modern customers with Social CRM, you have to give customers what they want. Remember the social customer is empowered with knowledge. Relevancy presents the key to influencing these [more…]

How to Create Successful Customer Conversations with Social CRM

Armed with knowledge, the social customer requires a relevancy in social messaging. This digital diva of a customer wants offers, discounts, apologies, recognition, recommendations, more information, transparency [more…]

How to Find a Leader for Your Social CRM

For true social CRM success, identify a social leader to drive the cultural change from sales to experience. This organizational leader will coach, mentor, empower, and support the overall social business [more…]

How to Incorporate Social CRM Into Your Company Branding

There are two social factors key to branding your business within the new Social CRM business model: humanization and personalization. Too often, a brand representative thinks she must be a faceless entity [more…]

How to Measure the Impact of Social CRM

Anyone who takes on a new business venture , Social CRM, or investment wants to know how to measure success. Social CRM requires patience, with a focus on long-term goals and benefits. There are many benefits [more…]

How to Engage in Co-creation for Social CRM

Brand value in Social CRM isn’t defined only by marketing people. Its value is co-created by many individuals, including consumers, employees, partners, and so on. The communities surrounding these individuals [more…]

How to Customize the Overall Experience for Social CRM

Social CRM is a true success when you customize the overall experience. Co-creation and collaboration with your customers can be a true test of your company’s ability to evolve with the times. It requires [more…]

How Social CRM Helps to Attract Attention in an Attention Economy

Attracting attention can be tough, but Social CRM has some good insights to offer. In the 1970s, psychologist Herbert A. Simon coined the term attention [more…]

How to Integrate New Marketing Strategies with Social CRM

Business operations have surely evolved over time. Now, Social CRM offers new strategies to market your brand. Often, the evolution progresses with advances in technology. When you start looking at new [more…]

Customer-Centric Marketing Is Key to Successful Social CRM

Customer-centric marketing is a key element in Social CRM. You’ve likely heard or experienced for yourself that it costs far more to generate new customers than to keep the ones you already have. Thus, [more…]

Use Social Media to Promote Social CRM

Social media has impacted many facets of our lives and Social CRM. When you consider that social media is a relatively recent phenomenon, you can see just how big an impact it has made. Everyone seems [more…]

Monitor Your Brand with Social CRM Analytics

To be successful with Social CRM, understanding how customers respond to your material is key to producing more of the best content. To do this, you need to spend some time monitoring your campaigns, website [more…]

How to Create and Use Content for Social CRM

Social CRM is most successful when you create and use content that will drive business to your brand. The key to understanding the type of content that you’ll create is knowing who your audience is. Are [more…]

How to Use Storytelling in Social CRM

Storytelling has become a hot topic for marketers and other content developers, and thus is useful for Social CRM. Information overload causes customers to skip the long boring text passages that marketers [more…]

How to Create Customer Paths for Social CRM

Sometimes the easiest way to understand your customer for Social CRM is to “walk a mile with his mouse.” Ok, that’s not really how the proverb goes, but when you need to determine where your customer gets [more…]

Keep a Content Inventory for Social CRM

Consider keeping a content inventory for your Social CRM strategy. It can be a useful tool to market your brand. Whether you’re in an enterprise or a small business, your inventory of content is likely [more…]

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