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Make Direct Mail Work for Your Small Business

One-to-one marketing through direct mail targets your small business customers. Direct mailers focus your marketing communications on your best prospects, while also providing a simple way to measure their [more…]

Effective E-Mail Marketing for Your Small Business

Adding e-mail marketing to your small business advertising mix isn't as simple as blasting out traditional marketing messages via e-mail, or using e-mail in place of other advertising outlets. E-mail mass [more…]

Find Free Marketing Opportunities for Your Small Business

For all the money that small businesses spend on marketing, they often look right past free opportunities to add marketing messages to their own products, vehicles, and more. With the right moves you can [more…]

Pack Your Small Business Newsletters with Useful Content

Great news for small budget marketers: The most effective small business newsletters look inexpensive, newsy, and current, which translates to the fact that newsletters are among the most economical of [more…]

Design an Eye-Catching Small Business Print Ad

To design the best print ad for your small business, the headline, copy, and graphics must work together to advance your small business brand. The best print ads capture attention, inspire the target market [more…]

Prepare Press Releases about Your Small Business

Press releases are also called news releases, and they can be used to market your small business online and in print media. A press release can highlight news or events related to your small business, [more…]

How to Prepare for a Press Interview about Your Small Business

Preparing for a press interview on your small business is perhaps a bit daunting, but it's a media publicity jackpot for your small business. Media requests for interviews often follow a press release, [more…]

Benefits of Good Public Relations for Your Small Business

Public relations (PR) is about getting your small business noticed by customers, business partners, and prospects. Develop a working public relations plan to target specific audiences with your small business [more…]

Monitor Small Business Customer Loyalty

As a small business owner, you must constantly monitor your customers' loyalty to your business, and do everything you can to maintain it. Customer loyalty is cultivated through every interaction your [more…]

Distribute Press Releases about Your Small Business

Press releases (news releases) about your small business can be distributed through online and conventional media sources. Press releases help market your small business by highlighting news or events [more…]

Motivating Key Behaviors in Business Gamification

Business gamification is all about driving key behaviors. You can harness game mechanics to enable people to experience something they like. In general terms, here are a few things people like: [more…]

Types of Rewards Useful in Business Gamification

You can attract users to your gamified business website using various types of rewards. Arguably, business gamification rewards are in three categories, recognition, privileges, and monetary: [more…]

Effective Game Mechanics in Business Gamification

Any good gamification guru will tell you: You’re only as good as the tools in your toolbox. When it comes to game mechanics, various tools are available to you — each designed to elicit a specific reaction [more…]

Understanding Business Gamification Frameworks

A gamification framework is a holistic program designed to achieve a specific business objective. The framework you use depends on the outcome you want to achieve. Note that you can mix frameworks. As [more…]

How to Work with a Researcher when Writing a White Paper

Most companies don’t have researchers available to help out white paper writers. Some independent writers do hire researchers to do the grunt work of finding the perfect quotes, stats, and factoids to [more…]

Incorporate New Media into White Papers

Tomorrow’s white papers will likely incorporate new media beyond text and graphics; they may even move beyond the paradigm of a fixed document into a flexible cluster of information accessed via the web [more…]

Managing Your Computer Documents during the Writing Process

Modern technology certainly isn’t foolproof. One morning, your computer may refuse to boot. Or as you’re cleaning up your hard drive, you mistakenly delete the wrong files. And here it comes, that sickening [more…]

Using Innovative Software to Enhance the Writing Process

Any real writer can work with paper and pencil, if he has to, or scrawl words on the wall with the end of a shoelace dipped in soot. But everyone uses computers now. So if you ever wonder, “What software [more…]

Jazzing Up the Appearance of a White Paper

Few people will read a text-only white paper. You can provide visual relief by using at least one of these text enhancements on every page: [more…]

Promoting a White Paper for Maximum Impact

To get your target audience to notice your new white paper, you need to unveil it like a mini-product launch. Try different promotional tactics and repeat as long as they keep working. Don’t abandon promotions [more…]

Defining the Three Main Types of White Papers

Use the right type of white paper for the right challenge: either a backgrounder, a numbered list, or a problem/solution. The following table outlines the features of each type of white paper and gives [more…]

White Papers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

White papers are the “king of content” that can help any B2B company build mindshare, generate leads, engage prospects, and undercut competitors. But to get powerful results, you need to use white papers [more…]

Define a Brand Blog for Social CRM

Blogs play an important role in your social CRM. They are part of the conversation that you need to integrate into your system to ensure that you’re interacting with your customers. [more…]

The Role of Social Media in Social CRM

Customers, and social media, more now than ever, influence Social CRM and the way that companies conduct business. Customers don’t run your business but they do determine how you engage them. Listening [more…]

Social CRM Fundamentals

The definition of social CRM is complete only if you consider the fundamental elements of a successful social CRM strategy. Social CRM includes two main elements: influence and community. [more…]

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