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Set up Signup Forms on Your Mom Blog

All e-mail marketing providers give you the ability to add an e-mail signup form to your website. How and where you add it is up to you. You want to put your important calls to action at the top of your [more…]

Developing a Concise Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan can be an elaborate 50-page business plan or a simple paragraph. In fact, many professional marketers suggest the simple one-paragraph plan because it's focused and identifies the key [more…]

The Importance of Watermarking Your Dog Photography Images

Unless you’re giving prints or files to someone who has paid for them in some way, you should always use watermarks on all your publicly displayed electronic images. This includes images on all your social [more…]

Start and Maintain an E-mail List for Your Dog Photography Business

An e-mail list is a traditional but still relevant piece of marketing. Many websites offer free accounts. Do some research to find a service that meets your needs for your dog photography business. Some [more…]

Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Review Websites and Your Dog Photography Business

With cellphones, computers, and the Internet, information exchanges happen instantly. If someone’s had a great experience with your dog photography business, he’s likely to turn right around and brag to [more…]

Partner Your Dog Photography Business with Other Local Businesses

Partnering with other local businesses is an awesome way to do some passive marketing. Introduce yourself to your favorite local dog business owners. Tell them about your new dog photography business and [more…]

Paid Marketing Materials for Your Dog Photography Business

Although you can get away without paying for marketing for your dog photography business, if you have a little money to play with, you should add a few things to your inventory. All of them can be done [more…]

How to Avoid Legal Issues in Advertising

Legal problems in advertising can be very damaging and expensive. When creating your ad campaign stick to the following standards so you can avoid the headache and cost of legal hassles: [more…]

Advertising Media Terms to Remember

Whether you're researching or already working with advertising media stay on top of things by learning the talk of the trade. Memorize the following terms you might hear out in the advertising world: [more…]

Tips for Writing Good Advertising Copy

Effective advertising gets people interested in your business or service quickly and explains it clearly. Keep this list of tips handy for writing eye-catching, persuasive ad copy: [more…]

Why Customers Choose Your Business over the Competition

Understanding why people choose one product or service over another is crucial to creating your advertising message. When devising an ad apply the following list of details to ensure prospective customers [more…]

How to Buy Advertising Successfully

When it comes to spending your hard-earned advertising budget, you want to get the best possible coverage for the best price. To maximize your ad budget, use this list of buying tips to reinforce points [more…]

Advertising Know-How: Key Times for Sending Press Releases

Press releases are a key piece of free publicity (a form of advertising). So how do you time a press release to reach the widest audience? Use the following events to your advantage when sending a press [more…]

Advertising For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your main goal when developing an advertising campaign is to attract (and keep!) customers. Start your ad campaign by learning advertising media phrases, helpful ad-writing tips, and which elements sway [more…]

Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

After you create your own video, you can use it to communicate in ways that other marketing tools don’t. Though video won’t replace websites, direct mail, and trade shows as effective ways to generate [more…]

Video Marketing as a Strategy

After you understand the power of well-made video, you’ll undoubtedly want plenty more. But don’t produce video haphazardly — an effective video marketing strategy requires forethought, planning, and consistency [more…]

Basic Video Marketing Tactics

A strong video marketing strategy deserves strong action. You can add video to your marketing arsenal in several tactical ways. Consider adding these basic video tactics to your box of tools: [more…]

How to Create Marketing Videos

The marketing video making process can seem intimidating at first glance, but order exists in the process. Your first time out, you’ll undoubtedly spend extra time on understanding and executing the process [more…]

Should You Hire Someone to Produce Your Marketing Videos?

The video production process isn’t for everyone in marketing. Your company, for example, may not have enough employees with the necessary time, talent, or desire to maneuver the process and develop systems [more…]

Why Viral Isn’t Always Virtuous for Video Marketing

The first topic that comes to mind for most marketers considering video marketing is videos that “go viral” — many a marketer now dreams of creating videos that tally zillions of hits and draw millions [more…]

Diet Coke and Mentos: One of the First Marketing Videos to Go Viral

One of the most successful viral videos of all time originally had nothing to do with marketing for the two companies featured in the video. The original concept was a simple experiment by a couple of [more…]

How to Make a Marketing Video Go Viral

Though no perfect formula specifies how to make a marketing video go viral, a recognizable pattern exists. If you truly want to take a shot at viral fame, follow these steps to increase from one viewer [more…]

Communication Chokepoints in Video Marketing

Most companies want to confirm that they’re receiving identifiable value from the time and money they spend on video marketing. The surest way to recognize return on investment [more…]

How to Identify Communication Chokepoints in Video Marketing

This step-by-step process can help you identify chokepoints that can be addressed through video marketing. Make someone accountable to involve the appropriate people from the sales and management departments [more…]

How to Integrate Video into a Marketing Plan

After you establish a strategy for combining video with your other marketing tools, budget the amount of money you’re willing to invest in your overall plan. You also need to set a timeline for video releases [more…]

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