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How to Successfully Market Your Product on a Low Budget

An effective, focused marketing strategy can be pursued on a cheap budget and can generate a large increase in sales for your business. Creating a clear, strong brand message and communicating with consumers [more…]

Seven Principles of Brilliant Sales and Marketing

Whatever you sell and whatever the size of your business, these simple and universal practices can help you to market and sell your product and services more effectively. [more…]

Ten Ways to Spend Less on Marketing

Because marketing is a creative activity you can always find new and better ways to make an effective impact and attract sales, even on a small budget. Here are some ideas that help you to maximise your [more…]

Seven Rules for Avoiding Business Trouble

A dangerous area of marketing arises when people try to bypass regulations that ensure fair pricing, safety, and honest advertising. In the UK, as in mainland Europe and North America, there are regulations [more…]

The Seven Ps of Marketing

Knowing and evaluating how your customer interacts with your business is crucial to creating a successful marketing plan, so keep the seven Ps of marketing – the key contact points between your customer [more…]

Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

It’s important to ensure that your marketing works in your interests not just in terms of its effectiveness, but also financially and legally. Here are guides to keeping your targets in sight and getting [more…]

Tools for Measuring Twitter Marketing Effectiveness

Measure how effectively you're using Twitter by tracking different aspects of clicks, retweets, Twitter ranking, and follower growth rate. Here are some tools that you can use: [more…]

Eyeing the Four Basic Market Structures

An industry consists of all firms making similar or identical products. An industry’s market structure depends on the number of firms in the industry and how they compete. Here are the four basic market [more…]

Building Your Business's E-Mail List

Collecting e-mail addresses isn't easy. Fortunately, your e-mail list needn't be large to be effective. The best lists contain loyal, repeat customers; referral sources who respect others' privacy; and [more…]

Combining Marketing E-Mails with Social Media

E-mail marketing tools and strategies are always adapting to new technologies and changes in consumer behavior. Social media is no different — think of social sharing as the new forwarding. Here are a [more…]

Ensuring Your Marketing E-Mail Is CAN-SPAM Compliant

If you're e-mail marketing, you must get familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and the 2008 revisions to the Act apply to all commercial e-mails [more…]

A Marketing E-Mail Checklist

You've done a lot of work making sure your e-mails are exactly what your customers want. But before you click the Send button and transmit your message to the world, check off each item on this list that [more…]

E-Mail Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

E-mail marketing represents an opportunity to experience both the thrill of increased customer loyalty and steady repeat business as well as the agony of bounced e-mail, unsubscribe requests, and spam [more…]

Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet

Use this Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet to capture all the information about your industry, competitors, business, products, services, brand, consumers, budget, and goals. A completed worksheet helps [more…]

Content Marketing Strategy Template

Use the data from your Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet to complete the Content Marketing Strategy Template. This template can help you put your strategy into a clear and concise form that you can [more…]

Useful Websites for Content Marketing

The following websites are useful for your content marketing efforts. The list is divided into sites for blogging and microblogging, social networking, social bookmarking, sharing audio and video, and [more…]

Content Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Content marketing encompasses all forms of content that directly or indirectly promote a business, brand, product, or service. Read on to find online sites and tools for content marketing, such as blogging [more…]

How to Create and Invite People to Your Business's Facebook Event

Facebook Events is a great way to get people together virtually or in person to support your business, brand, or product. Events is also an economical way of getting the word out beyond your normal in-house [more…]

How to Avoid Business Trouble: Eight Key Rules

A dangerous area of marketing arises when people try to bypass regulations that ensure fair pricing, safety, and honest advertising. In the UK, as in Europe and North America, there are regulations as [more…]

How to Choose Your Cause Marketing Program

The tactics of cause marketing are one of the key things that distinguish it from other types of partnerships, such as sponsorship. Cause marketing starts with a company and a cause, and both partners [more…]

How to Find a Partner for Your Cause Marketing Program

Every cause marketing program needs a partner. People sometimes point to companies that have social missions (for example, TOM Shoes) and call them cause marketing. Others use the term to describe a nonprofit [more…]

How to Take Your Cause Marketing Program Online

The Internet, social media, and mobile devices are changing every aspect of society. It’s also changing the nature of how cause marketing programs are developed and executed. Online cause marketing programs [more…]

The Five Rules of Location-Based Marketing

Although most users of location-based services use them for fun and entertainment, they like getting value from it as well. When you're marketing with a location-based service, you'll find success if you [more…]

What Goes Into a Good Location-Based Offer?

Wondering what goes into a good offer? The Ben & Jerry's offer is widely considered a good offer. The ice cream chain offers a foursquare deal of 3 scoops of ice cream for [more…]

The Big Players in Location-Based Marketing

Start off exploring these main players in location-based services and then, when you feel comfortable with your marketing strategies, you can branch out to other smaller, niche services. [more…]


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