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How to Group Customers by Lifestage in Data Driven Marketing

Knowing about your customers by the stages of their life is important in data driven marketing. Though useful, age groupings only tell you about broad similarities among your customers. Even within age [more…]

Top 10 Resources for Data Driven Marketing Information and Assistance

Data driven marketing is made easier by using available resources. Rules, regulations and processes need to be understood and applied to your data driven marketing campaigns and there are free and available [more…]

How to Group Customers by Geography in Data Driven Marketing

Geographic data can be used in a surprising number of ways to enhance data driven marketing campaigns. Some products are just not needed in certain regions. But you can also use geography to customize [more…]

Data Driven Marketing Legal Considerations

Customer groupings, or segments, are an indispensable tool in data driven marketing. But they sometimes require careful handling. Income and especially geographic data can prove problematic in some instances [more…]

How to Summarize Customer Level Transactions in Data Driven Marketing

Raw transaction data can be difficult to deal with in data driven marketing. It’s time consuming and complex to go back to lists of individual transactions every time you want to answer a question. What [more…]

How to Group Products for Data Driven Marketing

Many companies sell a large number of different products using data driven marketing. In the case of consumer goods retailers, they sell many different brands of each product. Grocery stores, department [more…]

How to Use Web Transaction Data in Data Driven Marketing

When a customer interacts with you online, it gives you access to a wide variety of information that can be useful in your data driven marketing efforts. You obviously have access to customer purchases [more…]

How to Group Customers Using Transaction Data in Data Driven Marketing

It’s important to group customers based on a variety of types of data in data driven marketing. It’s the basic idea of finding pockets of customers with similar attitudes and needs. The similarities within [more…]

How to Use RFM Models in Data Driven Marketing

When data driven marketing was first coming into prominence, analysts developed a relatively simple targeting technique that is still widely used today. The technique was first developed for the catalog [more…]

How to Use Market-Basket Analysis in Data Driven Marketing

One data driven marketing strategy that has been around for a while involves trying to understand what products are purchased in bundles. There are obvious product bundles. You need paper when you buy [more…]

How to Account for Costs in Data Driven Marketing

When setting up a customer-profitability framework using data driven marketing, the revenue side is relatively simple. You know what products you’ve sold and at what price. As long as this information [more…]

How to Keep It Simple in Data Driven Marketing

In data driven marketing, your customer profitability calculations aren’t intended to be used as a basis for your company’s annual report and SEC filings. Those are essentially legal documents and follow [more…]

How to Retain Your Profitable Customers Using Data Driven Marketing

Data driven marketing can help you with customer retention. Because your most profitable customers generate a large portion of your revenues, it’s important to keep them happy. By identifying those customers [more…]

How to Deal with Unprofitable Customers Using Data Driven Marketing

Data driven marketing can help you deal with unprofitable customers. Some businesses talk about “firing” their unprofitable customers. They may choose to raise prices or reduce service levels to drive [more…]

How to Recognize Customer Profitability Movements Using Data Driven Marketing

Data driven marketing can help to recognize customer profitability movements. A customer’s profitability is not a static measurement. People’s means and needs change over the course of their lives. As [more…]

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value in Data Driven Marketing

It’s quite helpful to understand the contribution your customer base will produce over the lifetime of your relationship and data driven marketing can assist in seeing this trend. A common calculation [more…]

How to Develop Event-Triggered Campaigns in Data Driven Marketing

In data driven marketing, timing is everything, as the saying goes. It’s one thing to know how many widgets you sold last year. It’s quite another to know who bought how many widgets and when. And it’s [more…]

How Campaign Timing Depends on Data Driven Marketing Timing

Because event-triggered campaigns have such a quick turnaround and high effectiveness, they can be very useful marketing tools when using data driven marketing. But their effectiveness comes with a cost [more…]

How Data Driven Marketing Can Help With Customer Retention

It’s a generally accepted fact among data driven marketing managers that it’s far less expensive to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Cost estimates vary, but acquiring a new customer [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Keep Customers Happy

Every business wants happy customers and applying data driven marketing can help. Every business strives to create a smooth and satisfying customer experience. But nobody is perfect. Mistakes will be made [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Keep the Customer Relationship Alive

Many industries sell products with an explicitly defined lifetime and they employ data driven marketing to do this. Your automobile lease is a two-year contract. Your auto insurance card needs to be renewed [more…]

How to Use the Scientific Approach in Data Driven Marketing

There are steps to using the scientific approach in data driven marketing. We’ve been taught since grade school that scientific discovery proceeds through disciplined experimentation. You observe something [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Minimize Sticker Shock

Prices do go up, sometimes significantly and applying data driven marketing strategies can help minimize sticker shock. Trying to sweep the increases under the rug is a risky strategy. Businesses don’t [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing for Customer Reactivation

Sometimes, despite your best retention efforts, customers do leave you, but data driven marketing can help you with customer reactivation. Customers may decide to try a competitor’s product. They may no [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Upsell to Your Customers

When using data driven marketing you probably notice you have a spectrum of products that vary in price and quality. For example, new cars vary widely in price depending on the class of the vehicle, for [more…]

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