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How to Respect Your Data Driven Marketing Customers’ Privacy

In data driven marketing, everyone is concerned to some extent about keeping their personal data personal. Identity theft is a potential nightmare lurking out there for all of us. You wouldn’t think of [more…]

How to Share Customer Data in Data Driven Marketing

There are a variety of reasons why you may consider sharing customer data with third parties. When deciding what data driven marketing information to share with whom, you need to be aware that consumers [more…]

How to Keep Your Customer Informed with Data Driven Marketing

Respecting your customer’s privacy in data driven marketing is about more than just data security. It’s also about transparency. You need to communicate with your customer about how you collect and secure [more…]

How to Use Data Driven Marketing to Contact Your Customers by Mail

The whole point behind data driven marketing is to enable you to contact your customers, but there are a variety of ways of doing this. Traditional mail using the USPS is always an option. There are certainly [more…]

How to Use E-Mail for Data Driven Marketing

The single biggest advantage of communicating using data driving marketing with your customers via e-mail is that it is inexpensive. In fact it is dirt cheap. You will frequently need to pare back snail [more…]

How to Use Text Messaging for Data Driven Marketing

Though not quite as inexpensive as e-mail, text messaging for data driven marketing shares the timing and quick turnaround advantages of e-mail. But the biggest advantage is that text messages tend to [more…]

How to Use the Phone for Data Driven Marketing

Using the phone for data driven marketing is different than sales. The practice of making calls to potential customers is frequently called outbound telemarketing. [more…]

How to Give Data Driven Marketing Customers the Option to Opt Out

It’s important to allow customers to opt out of receiving information from you when using data driven marketing. Your customers have varying levels of tolerance for marketing communications. This tolerance [more…]

How to Use Customer Preferences in Data Driven Marketing

It’s important to understand customer preferences in data driven marketing. A customer who has told you not to talk to them is probably not the best person to communicate with. But a customer who has told [more…]

How to Clean Your Data Driven Marketing Mail File

In order to manage your mailing costs in data driven marketing, you want to take advantage of bulk rates from the U.S. Postal Service. Whether you’re paying first class or standard postage, you can still [more…]

How to Eliminate Contacts in Data Driven Marketing

You must go to great lengths in data driven marketing to give people the opportunity to opt out of hearing from you. A critical step in preparing a mail file is to honor those opt-out requests. This amounts [more…]

The Importance of Promotion History in Data Driven Marketing

You have inevitably eliminated some names from your data driven marketing list. That means you need a copy of the final mail file back from your mail vendor. Otherwise, you won’t really know who was mailed [more…]

How to Use Contact Management in Data Driven Marketing

You can use contact management in data driven marketing to prevent over-communicating with your customers. For example a couple took a cruise several years ago. When they returned home, they discovered [more…]

How to Use Statistics for Data Driven Marketing

Turning raw data into meaningful and useful insights for data driven marketing is what the field of statistics is all about. A statistic is essentially a measurement of something. More specifically, it’s [more…]

How to Use Variation Over Time in Data Driven Marketing

It’s important to understand variation over time in data driven marketing. For example, you encounter averages on a daily basis. You can watch the Dow Jones average bounce around on the ticker to your [more…]

How to Identify Group Variation in Data Driven Marketing

It’s important to be able to identify variation in groups in data driven marketing. Imagine there are 20 vehicles in a parking lot. You decide to count the passenger doors on each vehicle. You find there [more…]

How to Look for Relationships in Your Data Driven Marketing

Customer data is interrelated in data driven marketing. It may seem at first glance that age and income represent two completely different aspects of a customer. But a relationship emerges when you look [more…]

Understand Control Groups and Random Sampling in Data Driven Marketing

Measuring results is a fundamental part of data driven marketing. You are in a unique position to be quite precise in quantifying the effectiveness of your campaigns. You know exactly whom you contacted [more…]

Look for Significant Results in Data Driven Marketing

It’s important to look for significant results in data driven marketing. For example, every election year we are inundated with poll results. It seems like every day there is a new poll out. Each poll [more…]

How to Use Combined Customer Traits in Data Driven Marketing

The heavy duty power of data analysis in data driven marketing really comes into play when you start looking at multiple traits at once. This is known as [more…]

How to Use Demographic Data in Data Driven Marketing

Demographics in data driven marketing refers broadly to the statistical study of a population. What is the birth rate? How many people are married? What’s the average age of the population? [more…]

How to Group Customers Using Income Data in Data Driven Marketing

Your data driven marketing campaigns are intended to convince people to buy a product or service. Because that involves a financial transaction, understanding your customer’s financial situation is useful [more…]

How to Group Customers by Age in Data Driven Marketing

It’s important to understand how to group customers by age in data driven marketing. You’ve heard of the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and the Greatest Generation. These are examples of what sociologists [more…]

How to Use Wide Variations in Data Driven Marketing

You will run across situations where your data driven marketing distribution seems to go on forever. Income data is like this. The vast majority of households have incomes in a fairly narrow range. The [more…]

How to Incorporate Business Stories into Marketing Materials

Like a treasure chest, here’s how your business’s core stories can enhance websites, e-mails, social media, and any other print and online marketing and promotional materials you need. [more…]

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