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Small Business Start-Up Cash Needs and Sources

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To start a small business, you should have a number of things in place, including a well-thought-out and researched business plan. You also need money. [more…]

10 Proven Ways to Fund a Successful Small Business

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If your small business start-up is like most others, you probably won’t utilize outside capital. You will bootstrap. [more…]

Small Business Taxes For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Small Business Taxes For Dummiesassists both current and aspiring small business owners with important tax planning issues, filing issues, dealing with IRS audits and notices, getting help, and more. To [more…]

Tax Features of Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

The LLC type of business entity borrows some features from the corporate form and some features from the partnership form. The LLC is neither fish nor fowl; it’s an unusual blending of features that have [more…]

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