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Reading Financial Reports For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're looking at a business with an interest in investing in it, you need to read its financial reports. Of course, when it comes to the annual report, you don't need to read everything, just the key [more…]

The Best Web Sources for Financial Report Research

Reading up on financial reports needs to become a daily routine for anyone who invests in the stock market. When companies release their financial reports, that can mean a major jump up or down in a stock's [more…]

Key Tools on the Web for Analyzing Numbers

When you're thinking of buying a stock, you want to quickly be able to determine how that stock is performing compared to others on the stock market. But you can't read financial reports in a vacuum. To [more…]

How Internal Financial Reports Differ from the Public Ones

Financial reports developed for internal use can vary significantly from what the public sees. Internal reports don't have to follow the strict rules of GAAP [more…]

Is One International Financial Reporting Standard Likely?

U.S. financial reporting standards are different than the reporting standards of every other country in the industrialized world. The U.S. is the last of the major financial players to adopt the international [more…]

10 Mobile Apps for Financial Report Readers

Plenty of apps on the market can help you get key company stock and financial information. Here are some of the best apps for reading financial reports [more…]

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