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Knowing When to Close a Sale

Watch for subtle signals in your customers that indicate that they are ready to make a purchase so you can stop your sales pitch. A good salesperson should never keep talking when they pick up on certain [more…]

Creating a Simple Purchasing Process for Your Business

Make buying a breeze and you'll have happy customers. The process of buying your product or services should be quick and simple. Your customers should find it painless. [more…]

The Customer Service Cycle

Your business's customer service involves a cycle of activities. The customer service cycle starts before your business sales presentation and continues after the customer makes a purchase. Your business [more…]

How to Cultivate Your Business's Best Customers

Every customer who buys from your business deserves your total courtesy and best service. But your best customers — those customers who become loyal, repeat clients and speak well on your company’s behalf [more…]

How to Use Customer Concerns and Complaints to Your Advantage

When your business's customers express concerns and have complaints, don't panic. Use customer complaints to lead your business to service improvements and satisfied customers. Follow these tips: [more…]

How to Handle a Customer Complaint

When one of your customers complains, handle it by giving that customer — and his or her complaint — your full attention so that you can resolve the issue. Here are the best steps to take when dealing [more…]

Persuading Your Customers to Buy More

Your business can probably make additional sales to your current customers. Capturing additional sales for your business means you have to determine customer buying behavior and inventory your full product [more…]

How to Calculate Your Business's Customer Satisfaction Level

Are your customers satisfied with your business? Customer satisfaction is often based on whether your business fulfills customer wants. Your business's customers want you to meet their needs and exceed [more…]

How to Make Your Customers Loyal to Your Business

Customer loyalty is key to a strong business. To make all your business's customers into loyal customers, first sort your current customers into the following three categories: [more…]

How to Retain Customers through Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs inspire customers to increase use of your business's products or services. A loyalty program rewards your business's customers for making repeat purchases with discounts or added-value [more…]

What Branding Is

So what is branding, anyway? Branding is the process of building a positive collection of perceptions about your business in your customers’ minds. Customers of your business may make a purchase [more…]

The Types of Brands

Different types of brands work for different marketing approaches that your business might take. Basically, there are a few general types of brands that your business could fall into: [more…]

How to Develop a Brand

If you are ready to brand yourself or your business, you need to have a clear understanding of what developing a brand actually involves before you really get started. Your brand-development process should [more…]

How to Decide on a Brand Architecture

The relationship between your business and your brand is called brand architecture. Brand architecture neatly packages the segments of your business into a single, understandable entity. Most brands qualify [more…]

How to Determine Your Business's Market Position

You need to know your business's market position before you can create an effective brand for your business (or product, or service). Determining market position depends on three main tasks: [more…]

When to Brand Your Business

When should you brand your business or a product your business offers? Businesses launch or polish brands in a number of circumstances. Create a brand related to your business when you [more…]

Using Your Business's Brand Assets to Your Advantage

You can use your business's brand assets to your advantage. Before creating or making adjustments to your business's brand image, know your brand assets — what can contribute to the value of your potential [more…]

Prioritizing the Goals of Your Business's Brand

Your business's brand to-do list of goals must prioritize those brand goals. Determine the priority order of the following brand functions when it comes to what you want to achieve through branding: [more…]

How to Budget for Your Business's Brand Building

You need to build a brand — but within a budget. When creating your budget for your business's brand creation, you need to take these budget variables into account: [more…]

Popular Types of Brand Names

The types of brand names for a business usually fall into one of the following categories. Just remember that you're not limited to anything: You want your brand name to be distinct and memorable. [more…]

How to Pick a Brand Name

Whether you choose to pick your business's brand name on your own or seek brand-naming assistance from a professional marketing firm, involve your own business team in the brand-name-picking process: [more…]

Determining the Availability of Your Chosen Brand Name

Make sure that the brand name you love for your business isn’t too similar to an existing business's brand name or trademark in your market area. Do your own initial name-availability search before you [more…]

How to Trademark Your Brand Name

Obtain a trademark if you plan to do business across state or national borders. A trademark prevents others from infringing on your business identity by using a similar name, logo, or other identifying [more…]

Making a Business Logo that Matches Your Brand

If you want to try to do design your business's logo yourself, you can enter “do-it-yourself logo creation” into any search engine to obtain lists of logo-generating Web sites and logo development software [more…]

How to Give Your Business's Logo a Makeover

If the time has come to give your business's logo a makeover, begin by evaluating what it is that your logo needs (or what it is missing). Think about whether your logo's makeover should involve only small [more…]

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