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Noting a Few Truths about Branding

The best name, logo, ads, and efforts can't compensate for a weak brand. But what's a brand? And how do you build a strong one? Here's a little insight into the golden rules of great branding. [more…]

Pursuing High-Quality Customers

Every salesperson has his share of high-maintenance customers. The expense and aggravation of keeping them satisfied isn't worth the revenue they generate. Shedding yourself of the deadweights and removing [more…]

Creating the Right Environment for a Business Meeting

Planning a business meeting involves more than just chairs and microphones. You'll want to create the right ambiance for your meeting, from the seating to the heating. Most of these items are ones that [more…]

Indian Economic Law

If you want to do business in India, it is important to recognize some essential economic laws in India. These include laws framed as early as 1872 (which are still applicable) as well as those framed [more…]

Budgeting for Your Brand-Building Program

Ask a handful of homebuilders how much it costs to build a home and you'll get a handful of different answers. The cost depends on the home being built. The same is true when the question is, [more…]

Managing an Ethical Direct Sales Program

The Direct Marketing Association warns against the two biggest direct sales landmines: nondelivery of merchandise and misrepresentation of offers. Every year a few direct marketers hurt the reputation [more…]

Understanding Consumers in China

To do business successfully in China, or anywhere for that matter, you must remember one of the first rules of marketing: Know thy customer. The demographics of the consumer class in China aren't like [more…]

Money Matters in China

If you travel to China, for business or pleasure, you need to understand how Chinese money works so you can exchange currency and go about your business without fear of being conned or scammed. And you [more…]

Respecting Racial and Ethnic Differences on the Job

Stereotyping, ridiculing, demeaning, or insulting other people is always a mistake. In business, this behavior can be disastrous. Racial and ethnic differences can be especially complex, particularly in [more…]

Three Clicks to Researching Telephone Sales Prospects

When you study up on your prospects before your telephone sales calls, you gather information that is bound to unlock sales success. As a side benefit, prospects are impressed and flattered when you show [more…]

Getting the Most Out of Your PR Hired Help

You've looked at your checkbook, looked with dismay at your current promotion campaign, and made a major decision: You want your promotions to be first class, and you've decided to get professional help [more…]

Putting India's Right To Information Act to Good Use

Discovering the best methods for procuring information from the Indian government makes life much easier for you as you set up and grow your business. Lucky for you, a recent legislative development has [more…]

Rounding Up the Likely Sales Prospects

If you sell products or services for a company, you should have learned during your product knowledge training where the likeliest places are to find your products or services in use. Those are, obviously [more…]

Selling Business-to-Business in China

You can break down business-to-business (B2B) selling in China into the broad categories of products and services.The large product categories of B2B sales in China are [more…]

Getting Real about Your Current Branding Identity

The best starting point for brand development is a true and candid look at what people currently think of your brand and industry in the marketplace.

If you're starting a business and don't yet have a brand [more…]

How to Haggle with Willing Customers

Customers, especially customers from other cultures, love to haggle. They often revel in the negotiating process and look forward to haggling with a challenging businessperson. [more…]

Basic Bookkeeping for Your Small Business

Bookkeeping refers mainly to the record-keeping aspects of accounting. Bookkeeping is essentially the accounting process (some would say the drudgery) of recording all the information regarding the transactions [more…]

The Importance of Standardizing Business Source Documents

All business transactions require paperwork, called source documents. Business source documents, which are important to bookkeeping, need to be standardized. With standardized source documents, your bookkeeper [more…]

How to Hire the Right Accountant for Your Business

A business's bookkeeper or accountant should have the skills and knowledge that he or she needs to perform the required functions. If you're going to hire an accountant, you need to know what qualifications [more…]

Examining End-of-Period Bookkeeping Procedures

Even if all transactions during the year (or other business period) have been recorded correctly, the business's accounts still aren't quite ready for preparing the financial statements. Additional procedures [more…]

The Importance of a Bookkeeping Audit Trail

Good business bookkeeping systems leave good audit trails. An audit trail is a sequence of events leading up to a bookkeeping entry in your business's accounts. You start with the source documents and [more…]

Watching for Illegal Accounting Practices in Your Business

Fraud, embezzlement, and misappropriation can occur in every size of business. Such illegal accounting practices require manipulation of a business’s accounts. Keep your eyes open for these kinds of illegal [more…]

How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for Your Business

Accounting software packages are available for businesses of every size, from small home-based businesses to multinational corporations. Accounting software is a booming business, which means you have [more…]

How to Read an Income Statement

Some aspects of income statements may seem obvious, but other parts of income statements might leave you stumped. You need to identify the parts of an income statement and to know what they mean before [more…]

Examining Your Asset Accounts

The activities of a business involve inflows and outflows of cash, as you know. What you might not know, however, is that the profit-making process also involves four other basic operating assets, explained [more…]


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