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Paying Unemployment Taxes

The Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) fund and state unemployment funds require employers to pay taxes to fill those unemployment funds. For FUTA, employers pay a federal rate of 6.2 percent on the first [more…]

The Federal Tax Forms for a Sole Proprietorship

The federal government doesn’t consider sole proprietorships to be individual legal entities to be taxed. Sole proprietors report any business earnings on their individual tax returns — that’s the only [more…]

The Federal Tax Forms for a Partnership

If your business is structured as a partnership, your business doesn’t pay taxes. Instead, each partner pays taxes on the money earned by the business, which is split up among the partners. [more…]

Filing Federal Taxes as a Corporation

Federal taxes for corporations differ, depending on whether you have an S corporation or a C corporation; each has unique federal tax requirements and practices. In fact, not even all corporations file [more…]

How to Write Your Business's Image Style Guide

Well-branded businesses have rules, called style guidelines, about how their brand images may be used. Image style guidelines protect the consistency of your business image in the marketplace. [more…]

How to Build a Professional Network

Building a professional network of clients and contacts for your business involves how you relate to people. Developing a professional network includes awareness of people who interact with your business [more…]

How to Master the Art of Small Talk

Small talk is designed to give people a chance to network, creating a bridge to conversations about opportunities. When aiming to network, small talk puts people at ease, draws them into conversation, [more…]

How to Conduct Business with Mexican Contacts

You may have the opportunity to do business with Mexican or Mexican-American individuals, a particular culture group that's common in the United States. Mexican business customs follow these cultural norms [more…]

How to Behave with Puerto Rican Businesspeople or Customers

Puerto Ricans may require your attention as a business owner. Your business may have Puerto Rican customers, or you may work with Puerto Rican-owned businesses. Here's how to behave in business with this [more…]

How to Treat Cubans in a Business Situation

If your business has Cuban contacts — either Cuban customers or Cuban business associates, you should familiarize yourself and your business's employees with Cuban cultural practices when it comes to business [more…]

How to Interact with Filipinos through Your Business

If your business has Filipino customers or Filipino business contacts (meaning people from the Philippines), knowing some Filipino cultural norms can keep your business culturally sensitive. [more…]

How to Do Business in the African American Community

African American consumers and businesspeople aren't all the same. You can differentiate the African American community with which your business interacts by factors such as economic status: [more…]

How to Foster a Positive Business Relationship with Native Americans

Native Americans, also called American Indians, may play a part in your business, either as business customers or business contacts. Native American culture shapes the way that this cultural group interacts [more…]

How to Interact with Anglo Americans in Your Business

Knowing Anglo American (Caucasian) cultural norms gives Anglo American businesspeople a clearer understanding of the differences between “us” and “them,” and also provides immigrant businesspeople with [more…]

How to Research Your Business's Market Cultural Demographic

Developing a marketing and sales strategy that’s both effective and profitable requires a good sense of your marketplace’s cultural makeup. You can gather data on the multicultural composition of a market [more…]

How to Create Culture-Specific Advertisements

When creating business advertisements targeted to a particular cultural group, you need to design your ads with images and messages that appeal to that culture. Here are some ways to attract the attention [more…]

How to Extend Community Outreach as a Business Owner

Business owners often pledge support to activities and events that demonstrate the business's commitment to the community in which it operates. By serving as sponsors, volunteers, fund-raisers, or educators [more…]

How to Instruct Staff in Cultural Competency

Doing business with sensitivity to cultural differences may require staff training and education. Employees who interact with publics from a variety of cultures should be competent in their cultural awareness [more…]

How to Offer In-Demand Ethnic Products and Services

If you identify the ethnic products and services your multicultural customers want or need to buy, you'll be able to stock up on their preferred selections — and succeed in sales with a diverse inventory [more…]

How to Approach Customers with a Friendly Smile

Service with a smile is always important for your business. To every customer you greet, your sincere facial expression should say, “I’m so glad to see you!” [more…]

How to Respect Personal Space in Business Interactions

When meeting any customer or business contact, let that person set a comfortable personal space. If the person's tendency to move in close or stay removed physically doesn't correspond with your personal [more…]

How to Deal with a Customer's Language Barrier

When dealing with a business customer who doesn't speak English (or doesn't know much of the language), you can overcome that customer language barrier in a number of ways: [more…]

How to Get Name Pronunciation Right in Business Dealings

When introduced to a business contact, make sure you pronounce that person's name correctly. If you don't determine the right way to say his or her name, you can ruin a good business relationship by mispronouncing [more…]

How to Tune In to a Customer's Contextual Clues

Customers give you contextual clues about the meaning behind what they're saying — or not saying. You just need to interpret those contextual clues to best serve your customers. [more…]

How to Handle Customer Objections to Buying

When you're talking with a potential customer, that customer may raise objections to completing the sale. Here are the most common objections you're likely to encounter, along with suggestions on how to [more…]

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