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Eight Important Things to Do before Filing for Court

"I'll see you in court!" It feels good to say sometimes when you're angry, but before you go filing your claim, here are some things you should consider: [more…]

4 Golden Rules for Inventing

Bearing just a handful of golden rules in mind as you set about becoming an inventor can help you to keep your feel planted firmly on the ground and your ambitions realistic. Try to remember these rules [more…]

Characteristics of Successful Inventors

Successful inventors tend to share a number of key characteristics and personality traits. To be a successful inventor, it helps if you are the kind of person who is [more…]

8 Sources for Innovative Inventing Ideas

Inspiration for invention can come from the unlikeliest of places, but here are just a few of the most common sources of innovative inventing ideas: [more…]

A Typical Product Lifecycle

Most inventions are in and out of the market within a few years. Years 1 to 2-1/2 are the introductory years. You take your product through the idea and development stage while you check out the commercial [more…]

Taking Your Invention to Market

Taking your invention out into the market is a key step in making it a success. You have three choices on how to bring your product to market: [more…]

Planning a Marketing Strategy for Your Invention

To paraphrase Thomas Edison, ‘I’m not going to invent anything unless it will sell.’ You can create the greatest invention in the world, but unless the world knows about it, what difference does it make [more…]

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Protect your idea with a patent, registered design and/or registered trade mark. Be aware of and make use of your automatic rights such as copyright. If your invention is really good, you are more than [more…]

5 Tips for Licensing a Patent

Only a small percentage of all patents are licensed, but it can be a profitable way to go if you can do it. Use these tips: [more…]

When You’re an Inventor, Money Matters

Make certain you have adequate financial resources. You don’t want to start developing your product and then be forced to quit halfway through. Funding sources can include: [more…]

Inventing For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Inventing is about how to take an idea and turn it into a product or, if you prefer, turning your dreams into reality. This Cheat Sheet offers up some practical advice and some key point to remember about [more…]


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