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Nonprofit Kit For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Creating and running a nonprofit organization can be a gratifying and worthwhile endeavor. Success depends upon developing a good idea that meets a real need, testing that idea, planning [more…]

Valuable Resources for Nonprofit Organizations

There's no shortage of information about starting and running a nonprofit organization. If you want to talk to someone about a specific problem, turn to one of the listed organizations. Chances are, someone [more…]

10 Tips for Raising Money from Your Website

Although online donations still represent a modest percentage (7.5 percent as of 2012) of total giving to nonprofit organizations, that percentage is growing, and your nonprofit's website is an important [more…]

12 Tips for Writing an E-mail Fundraising Letter

Online giving still lags behind contributions that are made in response to in-person requests or traditional fundraising letters, but it increases every year. You'll want your organization to benefit from [more…]

Using Parliamentary Rules during Nonprofit Board Meetings

Unless you're presiding over a very large and formal board meeting of your nonprofit organization, you can probably get by with following just a handful of parliamentary rules. [more…]

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