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How to Plan for Your Nonprofit Program Evaluation

Just because a new program is needed doesn’t necessarily mean that your nonprofit organization should be the one to start it. You need to take other factors into account. Consider the following factors [more…]

How to Recruit Nonprofit Volunteers

Most nonprofit organizations are always on the lookout for volunteers. After all, volunteers move away, get tired, lose interest, or take new jobs with new hours. If your organization depends on volunteers [more…]

How to Recruit Nonprofit Volunteers through the Internet

Finding volunteers for your nonprofit may be as easy as booting up your computer. Besides posting volunteer listings on your organization’s website, you also can post on other sites. Several organizations [more…]

How to Interview and Screen Nonprofit Volunteers

Potential volunteers for your nonprofit should be required to fill out job applications just as if they were applying for paid work. Ask for references and check them. Review résumés and conduct formal [more…]

How to Provide the Right Amount of Nonprofit Volunteer Training

The degree and extent of volunteer training depends on the type of job your nonprofit is asking them to do. Volunteers who answer telephones, for example, may need more training than those who stuff envelopes [more…]

How to Evaluate the Benefits of Insuring Nonprofit Volunteer

Typically, nonprofit organizations carry liability and property insurance. Almost all states require that workers’ compensation insurance be in place to cover on-the-job injuries to employees [more…]

How to Improve Nonprofit Volunteer Performance

If you work with lots of nonprofit volunteers, especially volunteers who perform complex and sensitive jobs, you may discover one or more volunteers who don’t have the skills or personalities to perform [more…]

How to Develop Nonprofit Personnel Policies

Personnel policies and procedures outline how a nonprofit organization relates to its employees. They’re essential for both supervisors and employees because they provide guidelines about what’s expected [more…]

How to Set Up a Nonprofit Payroll System

When a nonprofit organization begins employing workers, it first must establish a payroll system. The organization needs to decide how often to distribute paychecks, for example. You can disburse paychecks [more…]

How to Write a Job Description for a Nonprofit

One of the first things you should do when looking to hire a paid employee for your nonprofit is to write a job description for the position you want to fill. Going through this exercise helps you clarify [more…]

How to Establish Nonprofit Salary Levels

Deciding on a fair salary for your nonprofit employees isn’t easy. Compensation levels in nonprofits range from hardly anything to six-figure salaries at large-budget organizations. [more…]

How to Review Candidate Résumés for Nonprofit Jobs

Resumes and cover letters give you the first opportunity to evaluate candidates for a nonprofit position. Respond quickly with a postcard or e-mail to tell applicants that you have received their materials [more…]

How to Choose to Own, Lease, or Accept Free Space for Your Nonprofit

Stability, convenience, and cost — in addition to location — are key factors to consider when selecting your nonprofit organization’s home. These considerations will have an impact on your organization’s [more…]

How to Estimate the True Cost of Moving Your Nonprofit's Location

First, make a list of your nonprofit organization’s specific needs. If you’ve ever shopped for a house, you know that some features are critically important and some are desired but not essential. Breaking [more…]

How to Decide If New Construction Is Right for Your Nonprofit

Even a small nonprofit organization with the right board and campaign leadership can manage a successful capital campaign if its expectations are reasonable. So can organizations whose projects are happening [more…]

How to Safeguard Your Nonprofit’s Financial Systems

Even in a small nonprofit organization, you want to establish careful practices about how you handle money and financial documents. If you have a one-person office, creating all the following controls [more…]

How to Create a Low-Cost Web Presence for Your Nonprofit

Having a web presence for your nonprofit is as important as being listed in the telephone book or printing a brochure. A basic website isn’t difficult to create. You want an overview of your agency on [more…]

How to Make Customer Service a Daily Habit in Your Nonprofit

The trick to providing exemplary customer service for your nonprofit is to work at it in little ways all the time. Every staff member and volunteer needs to be aware of the importance of customer service [more…]

How to Survey Customers of Your Nonprofit

If you want to improve the way your nonprofit reaches the public, you first need to know how your current marketing works. Who are your constituents? How did they find out about your organization? Why [more…]

How to Design a Useful Customer Survey for Your Nonprofit

Developing a picture of your current constituents is critically important to creating a marketing plan for your nonprofit organization, and a good survey can be your camera. If you’re going to go to the [more…]

How to Research Prospective Donors to Your Nonprofit

Professional fundraisers will tell you that the three keys to raising money for nonprofits are research, research, and research. To see what they mean, consider this scenario: You know that your next-door [more…]

How to Work with the Media to Promote Your Nonprofit

What if you want to reach all people, all the time? Sorry, but you can’t. You can, however, extend the reach of your nonprofit beyond the contacts known by your friends and family by approaching mass media [more…]

How to Submit Promotional Material about Your Nonprofit to the Media

You improve the odds of receiving attention for your nonprofit in the media by providing clear, accurate, and provocative materials in time for consideration and possible use by reporters and broadcasters [more…]

How to Create a Public Service Announcement about Your Nonprofit

Many radio and television stations allot a portion of their airtime to broadcasting public service announcements (PSAs) on behalf of nonprofit causes. Although these stations rarely give away their best [more…]

How to Analyze the Fundraising Potential of Your Nonprofit

Different approaches to raising funds work best for different kinds of nonprofit organizations. When you make a fundraising plan, you have to be both ambitious about your goals and realistic about what’s [more…]


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