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Cause Marketing Success Factors: Staff

Cause marketing is worth doing, but like anything worth doing, it requires work and a dedicated staff. The prospecting and project work associated with cause marketing requires time and a lot of energy [more…]

Cause Marketing Success Factors: Realistic Expectations

No nonprofit or business lives by cause marketing alone. Causes raise money in a variety of ways, including grants, direct mail, major gifts, and through cause marketing. The mix is different for every [more…]

What Succession Planning Can Do for Your Organization

In today’s rapidly changing world — with its new technologies, new markets, and new global mobility — succession planning matters more than ever before. The success of your organization depends on the [more…]

How to Develop a Succession Plan

Whether you’re developing a succession plan for a small family business, a large nonprofit organization, an educational institution, a major corporation, or a government organization, the process boils [more…]

How to Disclose Appropriate Information about Your Nonprofit

Disclose seems to imply that your nonprofit is hiding something that must be pried from your clutches. Don’t think of it that way. The IRS regulations that lay out the rules for disclosure refer to “the [more…]

How to Collaborate with Other Nonprofits to Weather Hard Times

If the field in which your nonprofit works has seen a decline in funding or an increase in competition for staff or clients, it may be time to identify others who provide similar programs and begin to [more…]

How to Close a Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations generally resist closure, maybe because they're usually founded by people with a vision and a desire to serve the public. Yet, sometimes closing is the right choice. [more…]

How to Adapt When Your Nonprofit Organization Faces Hard Times

It’s likely that you’ll come across problems in the course of managing your nonprofit organization. Everyone does. But sometimes those problems are so severe that you must change the way you do your work [more…]

How to Assess the Performance of Nonprofit Programs

Assessing the performance of your nonprofit programs isn’t easy, but evaluating what you do can help you do it better. Besides, if foundation grants help fund your programs, the odds are good that you’ll [more…]

How to Determine the Insurance Needs of Your Nonprofit

Insurance is a vital component of risk management for every business — for profit and nonprofit — but a nonprofit organization’s insurance needs vary according to the following: [more…]

How to Successfully Ask for Contributions to Your Nonprofit

The key rule of fundraising is “If you don’t ask, you won’t get.” Taking the step of asking is critical, but so is knowing how to ask. According to marketing experts who study motivations for doing just [more…]

How to Find the Right People for Your Nonprofit Board

You don't want just anybody to serve on your nonprofit organization's board. You want to choose the most generous members of your community who believe in what you're doing, will come to all your meetings [more…]

Why Your Nonprofit Organization Needs a Mission Statement

The mission statement is a nonprofit organization's center of being. Mission statements help give human energy direction. Having one also gives your organization purpose and motivation. [more…]

6 Tips for Writing a Nonprofit Mission Statement

You may be asking yourself, “Does my nonprofit need a mission statement?” Some nonprofits do function without a mission statement, but writing one will give your nonprofit motivation and focus to succeed [more…]

How to Write a Nonprofit Mission Statement

You probably already have a good idea of your purpose for your nonprofit. Now you have to refine that idea, state it simply in a few words, and officially get it down on paper. [more…]

Running a Nonprofit: Understanding the Basics of Bylaws

Bylaws are the rules by which your nonprofit organization operates. As with articles of incorporation, different states have different requirements about what needs to be included in the bylaws, so make [more…]

How to Establish Public Charity Status for Your Nonprofit

The IRS applies several measures to determine whether a nonprofit organization is a public charity. Generally, for a nonprofit to be considered a public charity, it must receive one-third of its revenues [more…]

How to Report Salaries and Conflicts of Interest for Your Nonprofit

The IRS revises its nonprofit forms from time to time. In the past few years, Form 1023 has been revised to include more questions about staff salary levels, board member compensation, and business and [more…]

How to Deal with Nonprofit Financial Information on Form 1023

The IRS wants to see your nonprofit financial information. (Surprise, surprise.) New organizations have to estimate their income and expenses for three years — the current year and two years following. [more…]

What Nonprofits Must Report to the IRS

The formal name of the report that nonprofit organizations must file annually is Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, and the IRS calls it the [more…]

How to File the 990-N for Your Nonprofit

The 990-N is required for all 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations (with the exception of churches and church-related organizations) that have annual gross receipts of [more…]

How to Use the Long Form 990 for Your Nonprofit

If your nonprofit organization has gross receipts of $200,000 or more or assets of $500,000 or greater, you're required to tackle the full 990 experience. The Form 990 emphasizes accountability and transparency [more…]

How to Check Nonprofit Applicant References

Letters of recommendation can be helpful starting points in evaluating candidates, but most people would not include a negative recommendation in her application packet. Therefore, it’s necessary to check [more…]

How to Identify External Factors When Planning for Your Nonprofit

Early in the planning process, you need to collect information about external factors that influence your nonprofit’s operation. Someone, or a subcommittee of the planning committee, should find the answers [more…]

Get Stakeholder Input When Planning for Your Nonprofit

Unless you have a very small nonprofit organization, you probably can’t include every single person in the planning process. You do need to include all stakeholder groups, however. A [more…]


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