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How to Get Going on a Grant Application

Applying for a grant requires plenty of preparation and research. To begin the grant-seeking process, you need to understand the different types of grants, what grant money can be used for, and what grantwriters [more…]

How to Read a Request For Proposal for a Contract Bid

When a company issues an opportunity to bid on a contract for funding, often referred to as an RFP (Request For Proposal)or RFQ (Request for Quote), you must be able to quickly scan the technical proposal [more…]

How to Find Third Party Resources to Help You Write Your Federal Grant Applications

Writing an application for a federal grant or cooperative agreement requires making new friends in your community — not only collaborative partners but also community specialists such as evaluators. You [more…]

How to Uncover Hard-to-Find Statistics for Your Grant Application

Knowing how to find current and relevant demographics (also known as statistics) is crucial to writing an effective grant application. Unfortunately, these statistics aren’t always easy to find when you [more…]

How to Find Grant Funding for Your Organization

To identify as many potential grant-funding sources as possible for your organization, you need to carefully research the primary sources of funding: the public sector [more…]

How to Research Prospective Donors to Your Nonprofit

Professional fundraisers will tell you that the three keys to raising money for nonprofits are research, research, and research. To see what they mean, consider this scenario: You know that your next-door [more…]

How to Use the Foundation Center to Find Nonprofit Grants

During the past 60 years, the public has gained increased access to information about nonprofit funding sources. One milestone in this movement was the creation of the Foundation Center in 1956. Originally [more…]

How to Search the Foundation Center’s Grant Information for Your Nonprofit

The Foundation Center is a resource that should be utilized by anyone in the nonprofit world. Here are a few pointers to help you cast your net using the Foundation Center tools: [more…]

How to Determine the Best Grant Prospects for Your Nonprofit

It’s time to take your nonprofit’s broad list of prospects in hand and find out more about each of them to best arm yourself for seeking grants. See what you can discover from the following sources: [more…]

How to Pursue Federal Government Grants for Your Nonprofit

To pursue government funds for your nonprofit, you want to study a different set of research guides from those that help you with foundations and corporations. The publication that’s most likely to help [more…]

How to Approach Different Kinds of Foundations as a Nonprofit Grant Seeker

Foundations are formed and governed in different ways. These differences may affect the way your nonprofit organization addresses them as a grant seeker. There are four basic kinds of foundations. [more…]

3 Great Websites for Grant Writing and Grant Funding

You can find myriad grant research websites these days, both free and subscription-based. If you are seeking a grant, have a look at one of the following sites: [more…]

11 Places to Look for Grant Funding

Before you get down to business writing grant requests, you first have to search for and qualify potential grant funding opportunities. Knowing who's funding your type of organization, who's funding in [more…]

How to Find State Grants

How do you find state grant opportunities? Washington, DC, is a funding epicenter for U.S.-based government grant seekers. All the country’s money seems to flow toward the capitol, and then Congress votes [more…]

How to Figure Out Differences among Types of Federal Grants

You will undoubtedly need to do research if you are seeking a federal grant. Here’s a rundown the basic characteristics you will need to know. Federal government grant monies come in two forms: [more…]

How to Find Grants through Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog

You can find all sorts of information about where the grant money is and what it can be used for in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). The CFDA provides a full listing of all federal programs [more…]

How to Register as an Organization on

An organization registration on is for an individual who is responsible for submitting a grant on behalf of a company; state, local, or tribal government; academic or research institution; nonprofit [more…]

How to Register as an Individual on

If you’re submitting an application to on your own behalf — not on behalf of an organization — the process is pretty simple. You don’t have to mess with obtaining a D-U-N-S number or registering [more…]

Good Online Resources for Grant Funding

Some federal agencies have their own e-grant upload portals separate from The process varies from agency to agency, so read the grant application guidelines carefully to look for the Submission [more…]

How to Contact Elected Officials to Find Grant Opportunities

Searching or applying for federal grant monies without e-mailing or calling staff at your elected legislators’ offices doesn’t make much sense. Getting to know these critical contacts on Capitol Hill and [more…]

How to Identify Grant Funder’s Criteria

Finding a funder for your grant requires research. After you locate information on a foundation or corporate funding source, you need to quickly scan its profile to determine whether you have a perfect [more…]

How to Find Business Expansion Grant Monies

Foundations and corporations don’t provide grants to help you expand your business (or to help you start your business or pay off existing bills). You may want to consider a loan from your bank as an alternative [more…]

How to Find Sources for International Grant Funding

If your organization provides services in another country, you may be wondering where to look for grant opportunities to keep those programs running. One place to look is the U.S. government. You can also [more…]

How to Determine Your Grant Applicant Eligibility

Before you look at the details of the funding announcement to see what’s being offered in the world of grants, you must determine whether you’re eligible for the competition and, if so, whether you’re [more…]

How to Find the Right Partners to Win a Grant

The right partners are essential for a winning government grant application. Some funding guidelines give favorable consideration to applicants who can get cash or in-kind contributions from partner organizations [more…]


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