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How to Contact Elected Officials to Find Grant Opportunities

Searching or applying for federal grant monies without e-mailing or calling staff at your elected legislators’ offices doesn’t make much sense. Getting to know these critical contacts on Capitol Hill and [more…]

How to Identify Grant Funder’s Criteria

Finding a funder for your grant requires research. After you locate information on a foundation or corporate funding source, you need to quickly scan its profile to determine whether you have a perfect [more…]

How to Find Business Expansion Grant Monies

Foundations and corporations don’t provide grants to help you expand your business (or to help you start your business or pay off existing bills). You may want to consider a loan from your bank as an alternative [more…]

How to Find Sources for International Grant Funding

If your organization provides services in another country, you may be wondering where to look for grant opportunities to keep those programs running. One place to look is the U.S. government. You can also [more…]

Submission Differences You Should Know Before Applying for International Grant Funding

Do your homework before approaching an international grant funder for support. Being prepared is the key to successful fundraising. A few of the most important steps to take in advance: [more…]

How to Determine Your Grant Applicant Eligibility

Before you look at the details of the funding announcement to see what’s being offered in the world of grants, you must determine whether you’re eligible for the competition and, if so, whether you’re [more…]

Standard Terminology You Should Know for Grant Writing

All federal grant and cooperative agreement announcements use two types of terms: general and program-specific. General terms are words or phrases that appear in all funding announcements. [more…]

How to Find the Right Partners to Win a Grant

The right partners are essential for a winning government grant application. Some funding guidelines give favorable consideration to applicants who can get cash or in-kind contributions from partner organizations [more…]

How to Use the Point System to Outline the Writing of Your Grant Application

Most government grant application narratives are weighted for a total of 100 possible points. The most comprehensive writing section of any grant application narrative is usually the program design section [more…]

How to Score Extra Points on Your Grant Application by Meeting the Funding Priority

Want to score some extra points on your grant application? You can get an edge on the competition by meeting the funding agency’s funding priority for a specific grant competition. Funders often identify [more…]

Which Preliminary Documents Should I Include with My Grant Application?

Not sure what upfront stuff you need to include in your grant application? Never fear, it’s broken down for you right here by order of appearance. This list also clarifies when each preliminary document [more…]

How to Use Partners to Boost Your Credibility on Grant Applications

Partnerships can be great assets on grant applications. In the partnerships section of your organization description narrative, write about your organization’s local, regional, and national collaborative [more…]

How to Acquire NGO Status for International Grant Writing

If you hope to participate in the world of international grants, you need NGO status. Nonprofit organizations that provide programs and services in an international arena rather than a U.S. arena are considered [more…]

How to Write about Your Programs and Activities on a Grant Application

Use the program section of your opening narrative on the grant application to write about the day-to-day happenings at your organization. Describe the programs that you currently provide to your constituency [more…]

How to Present Your Target Population on a Grant Application

The target population section on a grant application is the place to write about the people you serve. If you're serving certain organizations, you write about the organizations. If you're writing a grant [more…]

How to Write the Personnel Narrative on Your Grant Application

After you choose your staff, you can begin writing the personnel narrative of your grant appliation. The grant reviewer looks for the key personnel narrative to answer the following questions: [more…]

How to Write the Purpose Statement on Your Grant Application

As the first part of your program design narrative, the purpose statement tells the grant reader why you’re asking for grant monies. You have two types of purpose statements to choose from: direct and [more…]

How to Write Objectives for Your Grant Application

Successful grant writers know and understand the three types of objectives (also known as milestones or benchmarks). Just as important, good grant writers know when to use them on grant applications: [more…]

How to Conduct an In-House Evaluation of Your Grant Application

When you plan to conduct an internal evaluation of your grant application — meaning you aren’t hiring an outsider to assist with or conduct the evaluation of your project — the best option is to propose [more…]

How to Profile Project Personnel for Your Grant Application

Before grant reviewers can make a confident decision, they need to know who’s in charge of your organization and the proposed project. Funders want written validation that competent administrators will [more…]

How to Include the Principal Investigator on Federal Grant Applications

In federal grant applications for scientific or research requests, you’re asked to provide a biographical sketch for the principal investigator. In some cases, the [more…]

How to Demonstrate Federal Compliance on the Personnel Selection of Your Grant Application

Equity is created when you manage a program in such a way that no one is excluded. All the individuals hired with grant funds and all the members of the [more…]

How to Account for Volunteers’ Time on Your Grant Application

For decades, volunteers have rolled up their sleeves and stepped in to serve their communities. You still have to account for them on your grant application, even though you won’t be delving into grant [more…]

How to Uncover Matching Funds for Your Grant Application

If you’re applying for consideration with a grant funder that requires matching funds, then this is for you. Push your fears aside and rev your engine, because finding matching funds is about to become [more…]

How to Construct Multiyear Costs on Your Grant Application

Some grant applications require you to project multiyear costs. When you’re planning to construct a building or purchase specific items of equipment, engineers or vendors can usually give you bids that [more…]


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