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How to Use E-Tools to Build and Maintain Relationships for Your Nonprofit

Just as your website and electronic-communications system are tools for serving your constituents and marketing your nonprofit work, they are tools for raising money. According to the “2010 Online Giving [more…]

How to Prepare for Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

Although events vary greatly in size and complexity, and although we’ve pulled off adequately successful events in two or three weeks, try working against a six-month schedule. The following outlines a [more…]

How to Develop a Rough Budget for Your Nonprofit’s Capital Campaign

Before you test your project to find out whether it’s feasible, you need assistance figuring out what it will cost. A common mistake nonprofit organizations make is forgetting that raising money costs [more…]

How to Find Top Gifts for Your Nonprofit’s Capital Campaign

You don’t start at the top when building a pyramid, but that’s where you begin with a nonprofit capital campaign. You will want to structure your gifts by first looking to the top and then working your [more…]

How to Broadly Solicit Donations for Your Nonprofit’s Capital Campaign

Early on, when you’re conducting a nonprofit capital campaign among trustees, close friends of the nonprofit, past donors, and foundations, the campaign is in what’s called the “quiet phase.” While it [more…]

How to Shape a Nonprofit Capital Campaign Grant Proposal

Grant proposals for nonprofit capital projects follow the general outline of a standard grant proposal with some variations and additions. The grant writer needs to describe the organization’s goals and [more…]

How to Analyze the Results of your Nonprofit’s Feasibility Study

A feasibility study for your nonprofit project is like finding out — after talking to your parents, spouse, or the bank — how much you can afford to pay for a car. Your parents may say that they’ll give [more…]

Nonprofit Fundraising: What to Do Before Launching a Capital Campaign

After your nonprofit board decides it may want to raise funds for a capital project, seek outside assistance in the form of workshops, classes, or consulting. Convincing yourself that your capital campaign [more…]

How to Test the Feasibility of Your Nonprofit's Capital Campaign

A nonprofit organization's capital campaign starts with a feasibility study, which is research that tests the hypothesis that you can raise the amount of money you need. A feasibility study for a capital [more…]


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